Chew Folk

Chew Folk is a Swedish company that decided to change the game. They founded Sweden’s only chewing gum factory, designed to reinterpret and revitalise chewing gum for the modern age and accelerate the phase-out of chewable plastics. As synthetic plastics are not biodegradable, regular gum can take hundreds of years to break down. Luckily, companies like Chew Folk are at the forefront of change, making sure people have all-natural options to choose from, leaving no microplastics behind.
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Stockholm, Sweden
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Chewfolk was created by two founders with a strong vision and came in contact with Wellstreet through the Shift competition, by Breakit and Bling Startup. The product was already developed and selling well, with a strong brand and authentic values underpinning the brand. Wellstreet has much experience in e-commerce and supporting D2C consumer brands with the go-to-market strategy. Chewfolk offers a consumer product with a great value proposition to consumers and proposes values that are fit with Wellstreet’s goal of investing in companies moving us toward a sustainable future.

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