We curate a thriving environment.

Powered by our platform for company building, our capital and hands-on commitment are catalysts for fast-forwarding companies leveraging technology to build sustainable businesses.

Our Ecosystem


We are proud to have a network of industry leaders and experts working so close with us and our companies. These individuals, advisors, mentors, alumni founders, collaborators, programs, co-investors and LPs provide insights, expertise, knowledge and experience to Wellstreet and its invaluable our companies having access to them.


As a proud partner of Google For Startups and the only Nordic member of the network, and our collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) we deliver Wellstreet Launchpads and the Fintech Loft. Our program brings together the global strength of great partners with our local resources and experience. Read more

In-House Experts

Comprising of an international skilled team with expertise spanning over 30+ years of entrepreneurship and fundraising projects, Wellstreet's team are experts in championing good business ideas and creating innovative business ventures, investment opportunities and support our portfolio companies to deliver on their goals.


These are opportunities that we take to try new things, looking to be able to give more to the community. Such initiatives fall into different categories of interest for Wellstreet’s: ESG, underrepresentation, sustainability, sector or geographical expansion of opportunities etc.


Wellstreet events are owned events created to showcase the innovations of portfolio companies as well as organisations participating in Wellstreet programs such as The Fintech Loft and Launchpad.


At our hubs we bring together startups, scale-ups and organisations from the broader Nordic technology landscape to build an ecosystem that fosters collaboration and success. Our hubs are designed to bring together the firm’s portfolio companies and broader network, with space for meetings, networking to foster collaboration and innovation. Our companies can also work next to us, having immediate access to our advice and network.

Be a part of our ecosystem.

We believe a strong ecosystem for innovation will grow opportunities, not just for our portfolio companies, but for the broader Nordic start- and scale-up landscape. We also believe the more active role in building that ecosystem we take, the greater its impact can be.

That is why we are continuously forging partnerships, creating programs and spearheading initiatives for our investees and the wider community around us.
Partner up!
Partner up!