We are an investor. And a little bit more.

As the pro-active investor with our purpose-built ecosystem, we exist to build and accelerate the innovations and entrepreneurs of today, leading to a better and sounder tomorrow.
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Who we are

early stage investor

Wellstreet’s sweet spot is investing in early stage Nordic companies and supporting their development up to scale-up stage.

Challenging the status quo

We fast-forward companies leveraging technology to drive positive disruption to build sustainable businesses.

Doing things differently

We push to strengthen the Swedish and Nordic ecosystem as a whole, through all of our efforts. The space for investment and business benefit and thrive when the members of the community work towards the same goal.

#forever forward

We’re building a tomorrow unlike yesterday. A place full of innovation, ideas and opportunities. We believe that good things come to those who don’t wait. To those who keep pushing, Forever Forward.

what We are proud of

our esg framework

We don’t agree that startups are too early to think about or report on ESG. As a company builder, we believe we have a unique opportunity, and therefore a duty, to support companies to have ESG as part of their DNA from day 1. We have developed a unique framework to support our portfolio companies which we share with the startup and investor community.
ESG Framework
ESG Framework

our ecosystem

We want to strengthen the Nordic ecosystem as a whole. In our view the space for investment and business development can benefit and thrive much more when the members of the community work towards the same goal. We encourage startups, portfolio companies, partners and peer investors to be a part of this friendly network based on mutual respect and support.

our partnerships & Programs

We are a proud partner of Google for Startups, AWS & deb. - to name a few. This is one of the ways we are able to provide hands on proactive support and expertise to our portfolio companies. Our partners also support us with key strategic events and initiatives.
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We support our entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to thrive. We identify opportunities that lead to success and have the highest survival rate in the industry. Our focus on proactive ESG ensures we're always working towards building a better future. We are a VC firm with a proven track record, dedication to our partners, and commitment to sustainability.
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