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How great that you are interested in us! 😉
Here you will find some common questions answered for you!

What is Wellstreet?

Wellstreet was created in February 2016 as an investment company but has evolved much beyond that through its short history. It was settled as a private investment business operating as such up until Q1 2020. Wellstreet Ventures Fund I is a platform to optimize portfolio value creation and ROI based on the differentiated horizons of investors.

We build sustainable and profitable tech companies for a better tomorrow. By investing in companies that have a net positive impact in their value chain, we drive development step by step in the right direction. Simple buy and sell business models are outdated and replaced by disruptive and scalable platforms. We have proven that when using technology and digitization to enhance value propositions and disrupt verticals you can build both financially as well as environmentally sustainable companies.

Our purpose is not just to provide financial investment, as much as to build a community. The partners are all accomplished and experienced professionals in their respective areas and so we seek to support and encourage the exchange of knowledge within our community.
You can read more about Wellstreet here.

I'm a founder seeking capital. What's your process?

Have you read our page about Investments? Here you will find our values, benefits, selection criteria and our programs.

To quickly know if you should apply, check if you fit our selection criteria:

  • Stage: Idea + demo & market knowledge / MVP + early customer feedback
  • Geographical focus: Nordic or European market
  • Base: Scandinavia. We’d like at least one co-founder to be based at, or visiting fairly frequent, one of our locations.
  • Valuation: Up to 20M SEK pre-money
  • Equity: Minimum of 5% in the company
  • Potential: Companies aiming to generate revenue from day 1 and break even in 18 months
  • Need: We are the right investor for you when you need something we can support you with, be it our skills, expertise, resource or network to do so.
  • Founders: Understand their strengths and weaknesses, ask for help, and want to work with people who make them smarter

Would you like to apply? Here's the link. It usually takes up to 2 or 3 weeks to review the applications.

What is the Wellstreet Launchpad Program (with Google for Startups)?

We have a whole page dedicated to this partnership, so take a look!

The program runs all year around and it's lead by Google for Startups and Wellstreet's pool of high-level Lead Mentors. Whether you are a startup that wants hands-on support on growth or if you want to become a mentor, just reach out by selecting the respective applications on the page above. It usually takes up to 2 or 3 weeks to review the applications

What is the Fintech Loft Program (with AWS)?

We have a whole page dedicated to this partnership that you should take a look!

The program features one-on-one sessions and tailored workshops, seminars and events on building a successful business as a whole, including managing changing regulation, compliance, and dealing with data security. If you want to get hands-on support on your fintech, regtech or insurtech growth, apply now. It usually takes up to 2 or 3 weeks to review the applications

Where can I learn more about Wellstreet?

Are you interested in knowing more about us through the news articles about us and our portfolio company? Check out our history page with the news timeline.