Bambuser was founded in 2007 but in 2014 they shifted focus to their B2B offering, providing mobile live video for brands, organizations and app developers. After that, the company went through a business strategy pivot to innovate retail with live video online shopping. The revolutionizing product works as a creation tool, a conversion driver, a traffic generator and a data gathering tool, all through curated business identity.
Business Model
B2B SaaS
Stockholm, Sweden


Wellstreet invested in 2019 to finance a turnaround and to build the company's new flagship product mentioned above. Wellstreet was not only a financier of the product development but was de facto responsible for also building the technology and user experience. Wellstreet, which usually invests exclusively in private companies, made an exception precisely because they saw great potential in building a product for interactive livestreaming. Wellstreet’s contributed with extensive experience in e-commerce and focus on creating customer experience fit for the expectations and needs of a digital consumer, as well as the experience in B2B enterprise sales.

Success factors


The company increased team size tenfold and market cap, making it the fastest-growing company on the stock exchange in Sweden in 2021. Wellstreet exited the company in 2021 – its largest owner is British venture capital Vitruvian, but it is also backed by a fit list of industrial and institutional investors, including Heartland, Handelsbanken, Harmony Partners, TAH Management, TIN Fonder, Capital Group and Lancelot Asset Management.

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