Checkin (formerly Regily) applies advanced technologies to make it enjoyable for users to sign up for new services online. The company is on a mission to fix one of the truly broken processes of the web. The solution allows users to control data while making great services grow faster. Regily evaluates current forms, set up workflow, and provide front-end integration to keep services up and running within a day.
Business Model
B2B SaaS
Stockholm, Sweden


In 2018, Regily’s co-founder and CEO Kristoffer Cassel took center stage at Brilliant Minds conference and in a few short minutes he explained the essence of the society we live in today.

  • A golden fish has a longer attention span than us.
  • We are attracted by refined design.
  • We lack patience.
  • Sign-up forms are boring.

Wellstreet joined the then company Regily in 2017 when it was at the idea stage, through a network relationship that began at Klarna – both Wellstreet’s and Regily’s founding teams are former Klarnauts. Like Tibber, Checkin’s office was located at Wellstreet’s HQ, which meant great ad hoc support, beyond regular investor support.

Success factors


The company quickly achieved the moment when they were scaling past the early stage, which told it was time for Wellstreet to pass the torch to larger investors. Wellstreet exited in 2019 and has since then enjoyed seeing its growth, becoming, one of the best and hottest startups with one of Sweden’s most successful IPOs in 2021. The investment in Checkin strengthened Wellstreet’s position as an early investor and opened up doors to co-investors such as former Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg, who is now also chairman of the executive board of the Wellstreet portfolio company DanAds.

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