Launched in 2014 ICIW is a sports fashion brand with origins in CrossFit focused on quality and design, providing limited edition fitness apparel. The company utilizes highly effective online and social media marketing strategies, featuring limited editions and constant new product “drops”. ICANIWILL started as a post-it note on a bathroom mirror and is today a well-known workout brand for both men and women. ICANIWILL develops, manufactures and sells high-quality apparel with its own distinct design. The company initially sold its products solely through its own webshop with marketing through social media. Today the company has co-operations with well-established retailers like Stadium, SATS, and other big retailers. *Part of seed assets transfered from Wellstreet Partners in connection with first close of Ventures I
Business Model
Stockholm, Sweden
Ventures Fund I


In 2021, the European sportswear market was estimated to be worth about 77 billion U.S. dollars. This estimate is expected to grow considerably over the coming years, reaching a projected market value of just under 100 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. The Wellstreet team has much e-commerce experience and knowledge in brand building, in special for disruptive apparel companies. Wellstreet also supported with technical capabilities and co-built the first version of the company’s e-commerce platform in 2018.

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