An AI-driven advertising platform founded in 2015 which empowers advertisers and brands to create, grow, and measure digital advertising campaigns. Match2One is a unique and intuitive platform that uses proprietary AI technology for automated campaign optimisation and delivery across 93% of the world’s display inventory and Google’s digital marketing channels. *Part of seed assets transfered from Wellstreet Partners in connection with first close of Ventures I
Business Model
B2B SaaS
Stockholm, Sweden
Ventures Fund I


Marketing departments are now completely dependent on technology to increase the measurability and automation of their marketing and digital advertising. Today, a significant marketing budget is now spent online, 56% in 2022. This investment is a great match because Wellstreet has extensive experience in e-commerce and understanding of the challenges facing publishers around automation and monetization. Wellstreet’s focus on creating customer experiences leveraging the newest technologies makes this a perfect fit for Wellstreet.

Success factors


Wellstreet came into this company in a moderate position in December 2017. The company was performing well by 2021, all shareholders therefore felt that the timing was right for the sale of Match2On. Through a thorough and structured process, the company found a new home in Verve Group and this transaction was a success. With Verve Group as a new and strategic owner the company is better equipped to meet the demands and needs of the future martech market.

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