Envise, (former HomeMaker) offers a platform for handling options (Studio) and aftermarket (Service) for property development. The proptech company has around 70 clients in construction and property development in the Nordics of which the major ones include IKANO, Serneke, Besqab and ByggVesta. Envise is part of the Hydda Group. In 2022, the then HomeMaker acquired and merged with Pixery Media, which was The original Wellstreet investment - a company creating inspiring visualizations and easy-to-use digital solutions that improve the experience of renting and buying properties. The company name changed to Envise in early 2023.
Business Model
B2B SaaS
Stockholm, Sweden
Ventures Fund I


The digital development of the real estate industry in the Nordics is underway. Construction companies, property developers and real estate firms are increasingly looking for ways to offer online high-touch viewings and interactions, in order to shorten sales times, reduce uncertainty and enhance the end-user experience of renting and buying properties. The company fits into Wellstreet's mission to invest in companies leveraging disruptive technologies & processes to optimize key parts of a value chain in traditional sectors, to serve new customer expectations that have so far outpaced incumbents’ capacity to deliver.

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