Filip Tysander and Wellstreet welcome Brink - the uncrashable e-commerce platform

Swedish start-up Brink raises $1M to its uncrashable e-commerce platform for the world’s fastest hyper-growth companies – backed by Daniel Wellington-founder and Wellstreet
September 3, 2020
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Filip Tysander and Wellstreet welcome Brink - the uncrashable e-commerce platform

For the past decade, we have been utilizing the same platforms designed to support e-commerce, one of the fastest-growing industries. Still, such platforms struggle to meet the requirements and scaling needs of this $6.2 billion market. This gap will only be filled by a company ready to embrace today’s challenges: Brink Commerce has launched its product and the result is revolutionary for the whole industry - hypergrowth companies in particular.

When Kristian Tysander was CTO at Daniel Wellington, he tested numerous platforms and none of them could handle the company’s massive growth, which made him come up with his own solution and founded Daniel Wellington Technologies. After the merger of the 2 companies, Tysander decided to pursue this market opportunity. He was joined by Patrik Antonsson, who has a background of working with global e-commerce platforms on cloud infrastructure at both H&M and Daniel Wellington, and Marcus Ljungberg, a seasoned senior lead developer with experience at H&M and Klarna. The trio set out to create a company to improve the offer and better meet the extreme requirements from the fastest growing digital native vertical brands (DNVB), marketplaces and online retailers. 

At Daniel Wellington, we experienced firsthand how important it is to have systems and infrastructure that scales globally, not just on paper but in reality. After working over two years developing this new tool, we strongly believe our approach is the best practice for designing e-commerce platforms in the future. We see our serverless approach as the next natural step in the evolution of eCommerce platforms, says CEO Kristian Tysander.

Brink has quite recently closed its first investment round, having raised $1 million. The capital injection counts with the founders’ participation, along with Filip Tysander, Daniel Wellington’s founder and owner, as well as Wellstreet Ventures Fund I.

Brink is running in 71 data centers in 21 countries around the world simultaneously. All data is synchronized sub-second globally, making it the most powerful and resilient e-commerce platform in the world. We have zero infrastructure and can adapt and move faster than any other competitor on the market. We have a unique position, says CTO Marcus Ljungberg. 

Along with the capital injection, the company also welcomes a new member to the board of directors. Christian Zanders is a renowned name in the Scandinavian e-commerce industry and will be of great value in the future challenges that Brink wishes to face. 

With the entire e-commerce industry shifting towards headless SaaS, open APIs and best of breed approach, you can expect to hear evermore disruption coming from this Swedish company.