Shift – A Platform That Shifts the Odds for Underrepresented Entrepreneurs

Just under 1 percent of all venture capital in Sweden is invested in companies started by entrepreneurs outside the metropolitan areas. It's time for a change!

Shift is an initiative of the business network Bling and the news site Breakit with the common goal to get more entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds into the spotlight. Shift acts as a democratized capital platform that bridges the gap between investors and entrepreneurs who are not typically reached by venture capital, focusing on women and minority entrepreneurs.

By shifting the flow of investment from closed homogeneous groups and traditional networks to underrepresented entrepreneurs, the goal is to reach a more inclusive business community.

Last year was a success and the initiative was awarded the prestigious Grand Journalist Award in the Innovator of the Year category. Now Shift is back! Breakit and Bling have gathered 12 of Sweden's leading investors to put the spotlight on underrepresented entrepreneurs, with a focus on female entrepreneurs and founders with roots in the suburbs. Everyone has a chance!

Wellstreet is a proud partner and supporter of Shift together with Novax, Ingager, Nyvik, Alfvén & Didrikson.

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