Wellstreet Journal - December Edition

Welcome to the last Wellstreet Journal of the year!
December 12, 2021
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Wellstreet Journal - December Edition

Dear friends,

Welcome to the last Wellstreet Journal of 2021! This edition is special for us because we’re sharing big news that we’ve worked very hard to make a reality. This issue will also look back on 2021 and cover some of our highlights for this year. Last but not least, you’ll see our usual monthly update from Wellstreet’s team and portfolio, and all things tech, society and investments we’ve read and hope you will enjoy too.

We hope you’re enjoying our portfolio advent calendar on our social media channels, where we are presenting our companies one by one! If you have missed any companies you can go to our company page on LinkedIn or check out our highlights on Instagram. 🕯️🎄

🔔 Wellstreet invests in the Nordics and Baltics and our partnerships mean that our investment offer includes access to a worldwide network. But up until today, Stockholm was the only place where we had an office of our own. As grateful as we are for our friends’ welcoming spaces, we feel that the time has come for us to have our own spot in a second Nordic city. 

We are excited to present our new project to grow our physical presence in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg.🏢 In February 2022, Wellstreet & Friends will open in Gothenburg and it will be Wellstreet’s second home, a space where we offer portfolio companies and loved ones to sit with us and from where we can support Gothenburg’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. The complete space is 500m² - a whole floor of a charming and elegant building in the heart of the city with office and lounge spaces for meeting and relaxing. Interested? Read more about the undertaking here. 🙋

🔔2021 was an exciting year for us. We are extremely thankful for the journey we’ve had and would like to share some highlights with you


🔔 Gamifiera announced that they closed a new investment round led by Quiq Holding and Wellstreet. The seed funding totals 11.5 MSEK and will fuel growth and development for the company’s innovative SaaS platform that adds social networking, community engagement and gamification to retail loyalty programs. Read more about what this new phase means to the team here. 💰👾

🔔 Anatomic Studios was featured on the Google for Startups page! To celebrate the United Nations' International Day of Persons with Disabilities, they made an article about how the founders transformed the prosthesis industry by including fashion and style as an option for users around the world with support from Wellstreet Ventures and Google. 🦿

In other News...

🛥️ X Shore’s CEO, Jenny Keisu, revealed her impressions about participating at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore in a guest chronicle in Breakit. She's also on the cover of this month's Business Focus magazine, where she talks about the disruption that X Shore brings to the maritime industry.

🛒 HiQ has a new strategic partnership with Brink Commerce to raise the bar within digital commerce.

🧐 DanAds co-founder Peo Person gave an interview to Dagens Media and shared his predictions for the 2022 advertising market. 🚀

🚼 In a letter to the editor at Dagens Nyheter, team Hyber joined forces with circular colleagues at Matsmart, Tradera, Too Good To Go, Medveten Konsumtion & Circular Monday, to talk about the importance of shifting to circular options. 👏

🌌 Ocast released a new case-study of their client Boneo and also announced the new customer Refunder.

🎁 Still thinking about what to give out for Christmas? You should check Skillbreak’s experience giftcards.


🔔 Armando Coppola was part of the pitch competition jury at the Mastercard Lighthouse showcase event. 20 promising Nordic and Baltic Tech Startups joined their FINITIV (fintech) and MASSIV (sustainability) programs this fall and the companies were selected based on their innovative, scalable, and -most importantly- impactful solutions. 💡

🔔 Wellstreet is the only Nordic partner of The Fintech Insurtech Connection, an initiative developed by BNP Paribas to connect its partners in the startup ecosystem worldwide. The members consist of accelerators, incubators and other sourcing players working with BNP Paribas across the world with the goal to drive open innovation and leverage the network’s strength to support and empower entrepreneurs around the world. 🔗on a rolling basis, so apply now! 📄✔️

In other news...

👋 Welcome to the family! Texelio has a new CTO Kaveh Hadjari

💚 Esgaia also has new members joining the quest to facilitating investors’ ESG-engagement processes. Among them is the new Director of Strategy & Growth, Rickard Nilsson

It’s that time of the year! Atomico released their latest State of European Tech report and we were particularly interested in chapter 4, reserved to talk about improving diversity and inclusion. 📈👴🧏‍♂️🤰👽👳🧕👩‍🦯👨‍🦽

⬥ Along the same lines, our colleagues at Unconventional Ventures released their report which also shows gender diversity problems, but from the point of view of choices that investors made. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

⬥ We’re not the only ones going to Gothenburg! Klarna also announced that they will open a new office in the Swedish west coast city.  🙌

Help our companies grow their fantastic teams and get in touch if you know anyone who could be a great fit for any of these roles. 💻

⬥ Esgaia is looking for a Customer Success Manager.

has many open positions, check them out.

⬥ Brink Commerce
is on the lookout for a Senior Developer.

Become Skillbreak’s Content Marketer & Community Manager.

That's all from us! We hope you had a great year and enjoyed our journals. Please reach out to us at with your thoughts and comments, we’d love to hear from you and answer your questions about this or previous issues!

🎄 We wish you all the best in the coming holiday season and some rest to start the year re-invigorated and ready for the challenges ahead!!

The Wellstreet Team