Wellstreet Journal - February Edition

Welcome to our first Journal of the year! ☺
February 8, 2021
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Wellstreet Journal - February Edition

Dear friends,

Welcome to our first Journal of the year! For those of you just joining us, in this round-up we share Wellstreet’s key activities, portfolio updates, and exciting announcements in our ecosystem.

We hope you started off the year with a bang! Looking back on the second half of 2020, it’s been fascinating to see how the use of technology to bring us all closer has experienced a dramatic leap forward.

At Wellstreet, as most of you know, we are obsessed with customer experience, from our CEO shouting about it already back in 2016 to us putting “the broken customer experience” at the centre of our investment focus.

Sadly, it took a global pandemic for many businesses to realise that Customer Experience is the New Black. But a monumental shift has happened, it is here, and it is here to stay.🌎

What's Up?

🔔  Read our piece on what’s in store for brands in 2021. After an accelerated move online in 2020, in what technologies will brands and retailers invest to compete and retain their most loyal customers? We have some ideas...

🔔  We were delighted that awarded us the "Best Entrepreneur Support Team” award. We put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears with our founders 😅, so it gave us that warm fuzzy feeling.

Kodkupor - the coding hive run by Kodcentrum and Makerzone here at the Factory - is looking for developer volunteers to support kids from the local schools in Sollentuna. Join them and support the next generation of coders!

Portfolio Update

🚸 Hyber has had a record month, with a 396% increase in members compared to January last year. So far, their members have together saved 7,95M SEK by using Hyber instead of buying the same products new, and have saved 192,000 hours of time, that families now get to spend together. That's almost 22 years. 🤯

💂 Brexit has been causing major headaches for e-commerce in terms of shipping and returns. Haider Abdo, Founder and CEO of Returnado, shares his predictions and recommendations for businesses in the UK press.

🎨 Skillbreak launched a new and exciting partnership with Granit, helping them host creative workshops online for their most loyal customers and key influencers. The first workshop was fully booked and was rated overall 5/5 from participants.

🎉 The DanAds co-founder Peo Persson shared his thoughts on the future of news in The Times. You can find the digital version here.

Don’t miss!

CM Ventures shared the 6 key elements that will make headless e-commerce stack the new standard in website building. We couldn’t agree more!  👌

GP Bullhound shared their market reports for Q4 2020, did you see them? 📈

What industries and technologies do you think will thrive in the post-pandemic world? 🤔 CB Insights made a comprehensive analysis and points out these 24.

Join and go #foreverforward!

Here are a few interesting job opportunities from our teams. Apply or share with any superstars you know.

⬥ Auracloud is looking for a sales director for the Nordic region as it plans for growth.

Know a youngster passionate about content? Skillbreak would love to welcome them as an intern in content and sales

If you know more senior people in sales, Returnado also has a spot open for a sales manager

It's not all about sales! Brink needs a new coding hero in this senior developer position.

We hope you enjoyed the read. Please reach out to us at with your thoughts and feelings about the future of e-commerce and what you think technology has in store for brands in 2021!

Jess & the Wellstreet Team