Wellstreet Journal - 3 / 2023

Spring is here and we hope you're feeling the same level of excitement and energy that we are! Check out what’s been cooking at Wellstreet lately - happy reading!
May 8, 2023
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Wellstreet Journal - 3 / 2023

Dear friends,

Welcome to the Wellstreet Journal! Spring is here, and we're amped up for its arrival! We hope you're feeling the same level of excitement and energy that we are. Check out below what’s been cooking at Wellstreet lately, happy reading!


Team Wellstreet

Wellstreet News.

🤝 Partnerships are an essential component of our ESG strategy, and we've highlighted this in our latest article, Creating the Path for Diversity with deb. #ESGFORTHEWIN

🛎️ Wellstreet Day 2023 is a wrap!  We invited our investors and some industry friends to join us and discuss what we have achieved so far, our current focus and the exciting things we have in store for the future. Read more about it here.

🛎️ Upcoming events - in the next few weeks, you’ll find the Wellstreet team at:

Realtid ESG Dagen - Stockholm, May 9th
Nordic Inclusive Investor Summit - New York, May 10th
Nordic Demo Day - Malmö, May 15th & 16th Summit - Brussels, May 24th

Portfolio Highlights.

Wellstreet Ventures News.

We're beyond thrilled to say that DanAds has won the prestigious Product of the Year award at #NABShow2023 - the biggest show in the media, entertainment, and technology industry!  🏆

Exciting news from Brink Commerce! The newly launched premium brand Àvora, by Bianca Ingrosso, Vanessa Lindblad, and Victor Appelqvist, has chosen Brink Commerce to create THE uncrashable e-commerce platform. 💃

Anatomic Studios launched in four new markets, meaning their prosthetic covers are now available in 17 countries! 🦿

Hyber announced its new partnership with Lindex, which is teaming up with Hyber to continue its exploration of circular business models. ♻️

ICANIWILL’s first-ever unisex collection is finally here! Read more about the company's latest growth numbers here. 🔥

Wellstreet Fintech News.

Enable Banking has partnered with FinanceKey to provide businesses with instant multi-bank cash visibility and seamless connectivity to banking APIs, accessible through a single platform. Exciting news! 🌟

Tune into the latest episode of ClimeCo's ESG Decoded Podcast, where Esgaia’s Rickard Nilsson shares insights on the what, why, and how of investment stewardship with host Amanda Hsieh. Want more? Esgaia recently hosted a webinar on ESG engagement management, you can access the recording here. 🎧

Food for thought.

The call for a CERN-like AI supercomputer (Sifted, Tim Smith)
What is the best shipping for your purchase? (
⬥  Wellstreet’s Evelina was recently featured on Breakit's podcast on the important topic of “dirty term sheets” and the challenges that arise when negotiating terms.

Portfolio opportunities.

⬥ DanAds is looking for a Content Marketing Specialist
⬥ ICANIWILL is hiring an Office Manager / Assistant
⬥ X Shore is seeking a Financial assistant, an Operator and a Senior Embedded Engineer

That’s all from us for now! 👋

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Team Wellstreet