Wellstreet Journal - March Edition

February is short, so this edition is already here! ☺
March 4, 2021
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Wellstreet Journal - March Edition

Dear friends,

Welcome to the Wellstreet Journal, a round-up of all things Wellstreet, from team and portfolio updates, to event announcements and thought provoking articles we recommend you check out!

What's Up?

🔔  Our next Wellstreet Launchpad together with Google for Startups is here!  
On 9th & 10th March, we will be focusing on Leadership & Team Building.
The digital event is designed to enable our founders to become inspiring leaders and effective team builders. We will be joined by Google-trained facilitators and mentors, as well as Wellstreet’s network of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned CEOs. Meet our guest speakers below

Wellstreet is inviting 5 external startups to apply to join our portfolio companies for this event! Please help us spread the word: Swedish startups can apply for the chance to participate by sending a pitch deck or one-pager to by March 5th.

🔔  Last week we celebrated Wellstreet’s 5th birthday! Investing in over 40 companies, moving from the city center to our glass fortress, the Factory in Sollentuna, and launching a new fund, what a ride it’s been! We are so grateful for all your interest and engagement in our work and we couldn’t be more excited for the next 5 years to come!

Despite great successes, the Swedish start-up scene has been slow in opening up space and integrating new diverse players from outside the major cities. Building The Factory by Wellstreet outside of Stockholm’s city center is an example of Wellstreet's emphasis on bringing society as a whole to be part of the change we want to see. It's no surprise then to see our CEO Mikael Wintzell join other fantastic investors to support Shift, the new initiative by Breakit and BLING Startup to shine a light on talents out of Stureplan. Read more about why we joined and what other investors think here.

🔔  In order to keep broadening opportunities outside the capital, this year Wellstreet is super excited to take part at the Jönköping University Career Fair.  We prepared a competition together with the organizers Next Step for the most entrepreneurial spirits to win a chance to experience what a career in investment & tech could look like. The first prize is a Springboard Week at The Factory and the second prize is a 1-year access-pass to all Wellstreet Launchpads powered by Google for Startups. We look forward to welcoming these young talents!

🔔  Our partner AWS is excited to announce the Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards, giving startups across Europe the chance to win €100,000 and free access to Amazon Launchpad for 1 year! They have an A-Team judging panel, that includes Jamie Siminoff, founder of Ring Doorbell, as well as Greg Williams, Editor-in-chief of WIRED Magazine. The judges will shortlist their top five most innovative brands that will win 10,000€ and free access to Amazon Launchpad for a year.

Portfolio Update

🚸 This week Hyber is launching a brand new platform ❤️ The new platform will allow customers to:
▪️ Build their own package from scratch
▪️ Subscribe with no binding times
▪️ Change size on individual items at any time.
(See below images for a sneak peek!)

📱 For Performance Advertisers, the five most terrifying characters since c-o-v-i-d are... iOS 14 - with both the new pop-up but also the coming browser changes. Online advertising is going to take a big hit this year since Ad results are going to be harder to achieve, let alone measure. Luckily for you, one of our portfolio companies Zalster, has your back. They have a full service to help clients continue to track, optimize and report, and thrive in the new privacy-centric web.

🏘️ Last month Habity launched a subscription for brokers to help them interact with Habity's homeowner communities in a much more relevant and curated way. So far, 30% of subscribing brokers are active weekly, and Habity has seen a 55% response rate from homes that have been contacted by brokers 🤝

🙌 Other than making life easier for publishers who need a more sophisticated self-service ad solution, DanAds is also participating in an initiative called Mitt Livs Chans, to help immigrants get into the job market in Sweden. As an example, one of the protegés is a very talented designer / UIX expert who is now looking for a new position, Zlata Jaanimägi.

Don’t miss!

⬥ It’s time we get our consumption habits in check, especially when it comes to fashion. Aside from renting yours and your family’s wardrobe, what else can we do? "Loved Clothes Last" was just published on the best ways to make your wardrobe last. Our copy is on its way! 👌

⬥ Another great piece here on the future e-commerce landscape, or as one might call it, E-commerce 3.0., just launched a sustainability newsletter! The first issue lived up to expectations and its contents are insightful for all of us, not just impact investors and cleantech startups. Sign up if you haven't already!

Join and go #foreverforward!

Here are a few interesting job opportunities from our teams. Apply or share with any superstars you know.

DanAds offers customizable and scalable self-serve ad tech infrastructure for publishers and they are looking for a Marketing Content Manager at the moment.

⬥ Sportswear company ICIW - ICANIWILL - is looking for an Influencer Marketing Coordinator to work with the Austrian market. If you know any stars that speak German, please share.

⬥ Kodcentrum and Makerzone are looking for more developer volunteers to support kids from the local schools in Sollentuna. Let them know if there are any interested coders around who’d like to support the next generation of developers.

We hope you enjoyed the read. Please reach out to us at with your thoughts and comments about this edition!

Jess & the Wellstreet Team