Wellstreet Journal - October Edition

Welcome to the October Journal! 🍂 This is a juicy one, so buckle in for the ride!
October 18, 2021
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Wellstreet Journal - October Edition

Welcome to our Wellstreet Journal, where we share Wellstreet’s team and portfolio news, and all things tech, society and investments we’ve read and hope you will enjoy too. 

In this edition DO NOT MISS the launch of our fintech news (the pink section below 😉), which will include updates on our recently announced Fintech Fund and Wellstreet's activities within the fintech space!

This is a juicy one, so buckle in for the ride! Let’s go 💪

What's Up, Wellstreet?

🔔  We have a new team member at Wellstreet. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Evelina Anttila as Partner and Head of Transactions. 🤗

It is important for us that we continue to play a key and supportive role in our companies' journeys, help them find the best growth and exit opportunities - something that will become more frequent as our portfolio matures. Evelina will assist and steady our path through this next growth phase. Her background as an M&A lawyer and with key positions in AI and legal in the startup scene, such as at Peltarion and Justic, make her a perfect fit for our journey forward.

Wellstreet Ventures


🔔  Serverless e-commerce platform Brink Commerce closed an investment round of almost 20M SEK, led by Wellstreet, and adding some big industry profiles to the cap table. We welcomed Jarno Vanhatapio (NA-KD), Albin Johansson (Axel Arigato), Alexander Hars (Let’s Deal, Alva), and the venture capital firm Innovation Nest. 🛒

🔔 This month comes with the announcement of our exit from portfolio company Match2One. M2O is a fast-growing self-serve programmatic demand-side platform with a technically advanced user interface and a focus on e-commerce and SMEs. They were acquired by Verve Group, which is the media segment of Media and Games Investment Group. For nearly five years, Wellstreet was part of their journey and we are excited for their future! Congratulations to the whole team at M2O and all the best for this next chapter. 👏

In other News...

👾 Gamifiera just developed a unique service for Bangerhead. The gamified customer loyalty experience is a game-changer for e-comm retailers (pun intended!) and this really shows in Bangerhead's new user interaction numbers.

🤝 With the support of Brink Commerce, Tanrevel was able to make an impressive launch of their new product and e-commerce platform. You can read the story behind this customer and their collaboration here 💯

🦿 On last Thursday’s SVT's Go’kväll Elin Rantatalo, a strong inspiration for the amputee community, talked about her journey, wearing her Anatomic Studios covers on her prostheses! Watch from 10:50 minutes into the program to hear her story and see her amazing covers 💁

🌌 Ocast is all new and shiny too! They launched their new platform last week which includes a free, simple, and effective request function. This allows advertisers to get matched with the finest media companies in the industry - just by filling in campaign needs

🚀 The new addition to the DanAds team is Klarna’s ex-Sweden Chief Joakim Lundberg, and The Wall Street Journal has a new self-service ad platform developed by DanAds, which even rendered a CBS mini-documentary 🌟

🤸 ICIW committed to reducing their emissions by 35% per product by 2025. We wish the team all the best in achieving this crucial and important goal 💚

Don’t miss!

⬥ Our partners have been on air this month in two podcasts that we know you’ll enjoy hearing. Ok, maybe we’re biased, but they do give a lot of food for thought! One podcaster is Mikael Wintzell, the guest of an episode of “Lundell’s vecka”, the Breakit podcast. The other was Christian Zanders, our e-commerce guru on the Ehandelstrender podcast 🎙️

⬥ We know a few names on the Breakit list of 99 hot scaleups already, and are super proud to see some of our existing and alumni companies recognised for their work 🔥

⬥ McKinsey released the report “Perspectives on retail and consumer goods” last month, and we recommend it to any founder or investor in the consumer space 📈

⬥ Raising capital is not an easy task, but there are many different ways to stand out. Are some startups just using ESG buzzwords to shine brighter? 🌱🤔

⬥ This week on SVT’s Ekonomibyrån the discussion around unicorns, hyped valuations and diversity and inclusion in tech was taken up again, with some great insights from our industry colleague Indra Sharma, Partner at Peak Capital 🦄

Join and go #foreverforward!

Help our companies grow their fantastic teams and get in touch if you know anyone who could be a great fit for any of these roles. 💻

Brink Commerce is on the lookout for a Senior Developer

Aura Banking Cloud is looking for a Java Application Engineer

⬥ Join Pixery Media as an Account Manager in Oslo

⬥ The X Shore team is always looking for talent, so keep an eye on their open positions

That's all from us! Just a reminder that this is breast cancer awareness month. Who do you wear your pink ribbon for? 🎗️

If you enjoyed this issue, please reach out to us at with your thoughts and comments, we love to hear from you!

Jess & the Wellstreet Team