Wellstreet Ventures

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are obsessed with customer behavior.
We are driven by the revolutionary changes that have shifted customer expectations when it comes to their everyday experiences:



The removal of physical barriers, increasing transparency while regaining a sense of belonging



Leveraging disruptive technologies & processes to optimize key parts of the value chain, increasing efficiency to serve new customer expectations that have so far outpaced incumbents’ capacity to deliver.



Mobile-first, and providing access for new customer segments to fulfil emerging needs



All investments need to be vetted to be incrementally improving their value chain. The product/offer will make the company’s part of the value chain net positive compared to the status quo

We focus on the Nordics and want to build companies that can generate revenue early, and help founders build sustainable businesses by providing real value to their customers through the experience they gain at Wellstreet.

Wellstreet plays the role of helping entrepreneurs grow and rise to the challenge. We put their ideas into products and then convert the products into companies.

We also help those companies to get the basics right and start earning money. We take great pride in the fact that Wellstreet Ventures-backed startups launch fast, have viable business models and earn money within their first year after launch. Furthermore, our role is to find the next home for these wonderful companies.

We, therefore, play a crucial role in the funding ecosystem, connecting companies to the best-suited source of growth capital.

Wellstreet Launchpad
Powered by Google for Startups

Proud partner of Google for Startups' Global Community

The aim of this program is to scale Wellstreet's expertise in building successful technology companies. We train the entrepreneurs of the future, support them in validating their products and target markets, and testing value propositions and business models, to build scalable and sustainable companies, for the long term.

The startups selected by Wellstreet Ventures for participation in the program will receive investment from Wellstreet together with:

• bootcamps, workshops, training & resources and business coaching from Google and Wellstreet

• bootcamps, workshops and intensive business coaching sessions

• mentoring from Google global experts

• startup industry-specific know-how from Wellstreet and Google

• marketing services, google products, and much more

Google for Startups is Google’s initiative to help startups thrive across every corner of the world. It provides the best of Google's products, connections, and best practices to enable startups to build something better.

By joining Google for Startups’ program, the Wellstreet Launchpad becomes part of an elite group of the world’s top programs and accelerators, allowing it to share information and leverage resources. Also, it gives access to Google’s global network, insights from the company’s Silicon Valley-based startup programs, and twenty years’ worth of Google research and best practice insights on building businesses, products, and teams at massive scale.

Distinctive components of the Wellstreet Launchpad Powered by Google for Startups program:

  • Investment: More than an incubation or acceleration program, we invest in the startup
  • The Factory: Get a dedicated space at Wellstreet’s new tech and innovation hub
  • Google: Have access to top-notch resources provided by Google's global network

Wellstreet Fintech Loft
a regional stand out

Wellstreet Fintech Loft is a 100% Wellstreet owned structure that will invest in fintech startups and provide operational support packaged in a program based on Wellstreet’s current startup methodology. The structure will 6 months long, be hosted at The Factory and be operated by a dedicated team together with support from Wellstreet, AWS and Major & Direct Banks.

Open up for production

We offer strategic and operational fintech-related knowledge and services
- market analysis
- business modeling
- legal, compliance and regulatory directives
- financial planning

The portfolio will be a mix of
Investments (typical cash/resource investment on the back of the program)
Builds (ideas/thesis from the bank or Wellstreet validated in a pre-study)

What we look for

Selection Process


Mostly pre-revenue and often pre-product (credible MVP in place)

Geographical focus:

Target the Nordic or European market, with expansion plans


If not based at, be frequently visiting and working from The Factory, since this has shown to be a big differentiator in previous investments


Wellstreet Ventures wants to hold a >10 % stake and a board seat where asked for. Wellstreet are in favor of strong founder-friendly SHA, where one (i.e. Wellstreet) or more investors are needed for majority decisions


Looking for companies that will generate revenue (even if small) from day 1, and that could break even within 18 months


The company’s next biggest challenge is something we can support them with, because we have the skills, expertise, resource or network to do so. We are the right investor when they need something we have succeeded in before


We are looking for founders who understand their strengths and weaknesses, who ask for help, and who are looking to work with people who make them smarter.

This is why you choose Wellstreet Ventures

Perfect Fit

Built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, the approach we have for our investments go beyond “just another incubator, accelerator or Venture Capital”. We are somewhere in between, with 2 formal initial programs, one in partnership with Google for Startups and the other with AWS, and later supporting the growth to scale up size. Our purpose is to ensure that, once the founders finish our program, they are equipped with the mindset, tools and skills to succeed.

Rather than just giving them one-time access to experts to help them solve their current challenges, we aim to go one step further and make sure they have the strategy, methods, support network and discipline to problem-solve and think differently moving forward: executing on their vision, delivering value, while striving for operational excellence.

What you get

The Benefits

By the end of the program, the startups will have reached:


Be equipped with leadership skills and a growth mindset


Have a strong support network, and a core team with the key skills and experience they need to succeed

Product ready:

Have reached proof of concept, with a handful of early adopters
in their target market

Market ready:

Have version 1.2 of their product or service ready for commercial launch


Have a plan for the next 24 months, with a strategy as to how to fund that plan

Funding ready:

Have a business ready to receive next stage professional investment

This is how your company will grow

Our Values

Always learn

Analyse, iterate & try again. Get out of your comfort zone, let others teach you and strive to improve

Be purposeful and thorough

Collect information and document processes. Set your intention, apply discipline, systematically


Use, build & broker partnerships. Nurture & facilitate them, collaborate

Communicate Honestly

Openness, Transparency, Efficiency. Share your failures and celebrate your successes

Forever Forward

Be the change you want to see. Be pioneers, take risks. Be bold go where no one has gone before

What They Say

Investment references

Being a part of the Wellstreet community has enabled us to move faster by exchanging both ideas and capabilities and we consider Wellstreet as a valuable partner in supporting our rapid growth journey.

- Isvan Beres, Co-founder and CEO of DanAds

Wellstreet brings a great mix of insights, experience, network and hands on approach. Although we are only just getting started together there has already been significant impact.

- Anna Nordström, Co-founder and CEO of Pixery

Wellstreet has provided us with unprecedented support and resources, beyond the terms of our partnership. Partnering up with Wellstreet you don't just get one-star player, you get the whole team. We knew how to create the product, they knew how to build the business. Together we're now changing retail.

- Douglas, Co-founder and CEO of Hyber

Wellsteet has given us invaluable support in our quest to make registrations easy. With daily access to expert knowledge in a range of fields, the help from Wellstreet has been a critical piece in our rapid growth.

- Kristoffer, Co-founder and CEO of Regily

Do you feel ready?