Brink Commerce

Brink offers a headless e-commerce platform with open APIs on top of a serverless infrastructure, and the result is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. It is the uncrashable e-commerce platform for the world’s fastest hyper-growth DNVB's and online retailers.
Business Model
B2B SaaS
Stockholm, Sweden
Ventures Fund I
At Daniel Wellington, we experienced firsthand how important it is to have systems and infrastructure that scales globally, not just on paper but in reality. After working over two years developing this new tool, we strongly believe our approach is the best practice for designing e-commerce platforms in the future. We see our serverless approach as the next natural step in the evolution of eCommerce platforms, says CEO Kristian Tysander.


With the entire e-commerce industry shifting towards headless SaaS, open APIs and best of breed approach, you can expect to hear evermore disruption coming from this Swedish company.

There’s increased competition in the industry, low brand loyalty and high return rates for fashion retailers. This calls for online stores to expand fast and efficiently, while not compromising speed and user experience. Amazon loses 1% of sales for every 100ms in latency and Brink Commerce solves this brilliantly. Wellstreet’s extensive experience in e-commerce and focus on creating customer experience leveraging the latest technologies make for a great investment fit. Also, Wellstreet’s experience in B2B enterprise sales and understanding of the challenges faced by D2C consumer brands greatly supports the team in case of need.

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