The Stockholm-based startup Deedster, a pioneer in climate action engagement, is poised to amplify its impact with a recent capital boost. Reaching millions of users across over 50 countries through its SaaS solution, Deedster integrates seamlessly into banks' digital platforms. Its innovative platform provides personalized climate action solutions, using data such as transaction records to help users measure and reduce their carbon footprint. Deedster not only meets the growing consumer demand for sustainability information and guidance but also assists financial institutions in navigating regulatory pressures, including compliance with CSRD legislation.
Business Model
B2B SaaS
Stockholm, Sweden
Fintech Fund I
The world needs more climate action. That’s why we made it our mission to inspire people to act for the climate every day! Realizing the severity of the situation, we are accelerating true climate action at a scale for your customers and employees.


"Deedster's technology is set to become a standard for bank customers within a few years. The team has developed an impressive product that crosses the fintech line by leveraging customer transaction data to visualise their environmental footprint. Banks hold a unique position to encourage more eco-friendly consumption, and those using Deedster's service have already shown exciting results.” says Wellstreet’s Partner and Fund Manager, Armando Coppola.

Deedster is a perfect match for Wellstreet's fintech thesis. We will, both through synergies in our own portfolio but also our network within the Nordic banking landscape, be able to help Deedster scale its existing product but also find new business areas.

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