Enable Banking

Enable Banking is on a mission to become one of the EU’s leading open banking startups. By delivering open banking APIs and putting customers back in control of their data, the startup has quickly made a name for itself in the European fintech startup world.
Business Model
B2B SaaS
Helsinki, Finland
Fintech Fund I
In the long term, we will make internet banking unnecessary for companies." says Sarah Häger, Regional Manager at Enable Banking for Scandinavia and the DACH region


The startup focuses on developing next-generation financial infrastructure via APIs for open banking capabilities across European banks and it is one of the EU’s sole providers of non-intrusive connectivity to ASPSP-official APIs. What has differentiated the company from other startups attempting to develop similar technologies is that Enable Banking places its customers in charge of their own data and business models – Enable Banking aims to empower its customers, not develop competing products.

“Wellstreet created the Fintech Fund to drive greater efficiencies throughout the global finance and banking ecosystem. A perfect example of this effort, our investment in Enable Banking through the Fintech Fund nurtures these types of fast-developing technologies. We’re sure that all the investments of this fund will provide game-changing solutions to the challenges of our existing financial infrastructure”, says Wellstreet’s partner and fund manager, Armando Coppola.

Success factors

"With Wellstreet, we have been able to speed up our growth with their deep understanding of the financial industry and B2B sales. In addition, Wellstreet has been super helpful with industry introductions and support for us, founders. They are doing everything possible for us to succeed in our journey. Also, one big thing for me, personally, is their willingness to give back to society”, commented Joonas Tomperi, the founder and CEO of Enable Banking.


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