Gamifiera is a SaaS platform powering enhanced loyalty programs for leading Nordic retailers and has been part of our portfolio for a while. Founded by former executives from Webhallen, a leading electronics and entertainment retailer in Sweden, Gamifiera is evolving the traditional loyalty program paradigm to build deeper relationships based on emotional and social needs and desires. In contrast to the current model which focuses on immediate, conversion-based KPIS and rewards deal-seeking behaviours detrimental to long-term goals, Gamifiera incorporates elements from gaming, social networking and online communities to create sticky experiences that inspire and motivate shoppers. *Part of seed assets transfered from Wellstreet Partners in connection with first close of Ventures I
Business Model
B2B SaaS
Stockholm, Sweden
Ventures Fund I


“Loyalty programs simply have not evolved to address the needs and wants of today’s consumers, both on and offline. Gamifiera is changing that by incorporating elements of social networking and gaming  - both areas with huge, passionate, dedicated communities.” - Wilhelm Sporrong, Co-founder & CEO Gamifiera
“We are delighted to continue to support Gamifiera in their growth and expansion, and are humbled by the investors joining us in this round. Gamifiera are at the forefront of customer experience and loyalty and are representative of the solutions that will power the e-commerce stores and brands of the future.” - Jessica Rameau, Partner and Fund Manager at Wellstreet

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