The market for recurring payments is undergoing transformation and growth and will move from a relatively low level of technological development to utilising modern technology to maximise the business model. Waytobill will act as an enabler for that transformation. In the fast-growing subscription world, Waytobill is the innovative answer to recurring payment problems.
Business Model
Fintech Fund I
“When Wellstreet unveiled their vision for how they could propel our growth and the doors they could unlock, it became evident that they were the perfect partner for Waytobill.” - Magnus Bendelin


Waytobill is a second-generation payment company that focuses on a submarket and solves that market's special challenges. The first generation built general payment solutions, often aimed at e-commerce, but it does not solve the needs of special industries, such as the subscription industry, well enough. By understanding what challenges and needs exist and building effective technical solutions, Waytobill has developed a unique payment platform for recurring payments. It creates better results for subscription merchants and is also the basis for increased and faster growth.

Well-alligned to the thesis of the Wellstreet Fintech Fund I to create more space for the industry enablers, fitting as a lubricant of an existing payment infrastructure, modernizing application rather than infrastructure itself. The strong team and early validation of product and commercial strategy attracted the Wellstreet team, whereas the Waytobill team saw a great potential to accelerate the commercialisation of the company with the support of Wellstreet’s ecosystem. 

The investment injection will accelerate the commercialisation already under way. This means taking the step towards larger customers and more verticals, but also laying the foundations for an international expansion.

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