"My first time working in the VC/PE industry" - Meet Johan Spångberg

I joined as a partner with the pronounced strategy doing real estate investments.
April 2, 2023
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"My first time working in the VC/PE industry" - Meet Johan Spångberg
You don’t build a business—you build people and then people build the business. These are the stories of the people who built Wellstreet and our portfolio companies. Meet Johan Spångberg.

Tell us about you

Born and raised in Stockholm, 45 years old, 3 kids, single with a positive attitude. I started my career at PwC within auditing (Financial Services), moved on to Real Estate when started at Catella 15 years ago and has been within that industry since then.  I'm currently Head of Portfolio & Asset Management at Revelop.

What roles have you had in other organisations?

For many years focusing as advisor in Real Estate transactions within all segments (office, residential, building rights, industrial, etc).

Wellstreet was the first time working in the VC/PE industry. Currently Im at Revelop (also PE with focus Real Estate) as Head of Portfolio & Asset Management.

Tell us about your Wellstreet Journey

I was at Wellstreet in 2019 to 2021. Wellstreet was investigating the possibility of acquiring the office asset/property where the HQ is located in Sollentuna. I joined as responsible for that process. 

I joined as a partner with the pronounced strategy doing real estate investments. In parallel, I renegotiated Wellstreets current lease agreement and started up the Gothenburg office Wellstreet & Friends.

Because real estate investments were too far away from Wellstreet’s main business, I decided to leave Wellstreet in the beginning of 2021 in order to join Revelop. 

What's unique with Wellstreet?

What I like about Wellstreet is the entrepreneurial side, with focus on people and their skills. Also the view that nothing is impossible.

Any life or work events that have affected your career more than you thought at the time?

I have always been open for new challenges and since my first job, I have promised myself never to stay at a place that is not fun or challenging. I will never be the one complaining about my work. Do something about it or stop complaining.

Any advice for someone that wants to work in VC?

Be creative, work hard, believe in your ideas and don’t give up.

What does ”pro-active investor with a purpose-built ecosystem” mean to you?

The pro-active investor acts as the orchestrator in order to get the entities within the “ecosystem” to work together, benefit from each other and grow in parallel.

What are you passionate about?

Real Estate, creating value, my kids and boats.

Your most developed sense or skill?

Social skilled and analytical.

What do you expect is your next endeavour?

Develop my skills within asset management, including transforming under managed assets into core assets with high ESG credentials (Revelop focus), and at the same time creating monetary value for the investors. AND Always have a good work life balance, being a present and inspirational father to my children. 

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