Employee Stories

You don’t build a business—you build people and then people build the business.

This couldn't be more relevant for us as a VC. But don't take our word for it. These are the stories of the people who built Wellstreet and our portfolio companies.

"It was indeed a fantastic journey" - Meet Viktor Rask-Andersen

It was indeed a fantastic journey. I had the opportunity to be involved with setting up Wellstreet’s first fund, Ventures I, both fund raising, governance, investing, due dilligence, and exits. I was involved in most portfolio companies in some way, attending board meetings and much more.

“I haven’t yet met a VC firm more aligned with my frame of mind and goals.” – Meet Jessica Rameau

Wellstreet encourages the portfolio and its team to take active ownership, accountability, and responsibility for their growth path. I firmly believe in putting your head down, rolling up your sleeves and getting to work, regardless if you're the underdog. If you bite off more than you can chew – then you just chew!

I met founders in a tough and rewarding period of their journey - Meet Erik Gunnarsson

It was a fascinating and great blend of macro understanding of where startups in different industries are going due to its sector agnostic thesis, combined with practical implementation.

"We were building it from scratch" - Meet Daniel Nowak

I was able to really make a difference. As Partner and COO I set up processes and made sure they worked for our purposes. In that capacity, I was also the founders "business development right hand", and from time to time I would jump in and support the startups in the portfolio if we judged beneficial.‍

"I got to see where 'it all begins'” - Meet Clara Norgren

I wanted to start my career of at a fund that invested as early as possible to understand where ”it all begins”. Wellstreet as a pre-seed, seed investor, often investing alongside angels, was the perfect fit. I wanted to break into the world of Venture Capital and reached out to the team at Wellstreet through an email.

"I worked on every aspect of running a company" - Meet Anton Ijäs

My journey at Wellstreet was diverse. I worked on almost every aspect of running companies. I worked hands-on with most portfolio and occasionally joined some companies temporarily when needed. A memorable project was when I served as a product advisor and also created the design for Bambuser's Live Video Shopping solution.

"My first time working in the VC/PE industry" - Meet Johan Spångberg

I joined as a partner with the pronounced strategy doing real estate investments.

"A continuous pursuit of improvement " - Meet Johanna Nordgren

The strength lies in its innovative and diverse approach, always pushing beyond the conventional boundaries. The atmosphere is open and driven by a genuine curiosity to learn. I observed minimal hierarchical patterns, with a culture of open discussions and a shared drive for development