"A continuous pursuit of improvement " - Meet Johanna Nordgren

The strength lies in its innovative and diverse approach, always pushing beyond the conventional boundaries. The atmosphere is open and driven by a genuine curiosity to learn. I observed minimal hierarchical patterns, with a culture of open discussions and a shared drive for development
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"A continuous pursuit of improvement " - Meet Johanna Nordgren
You don’t build a business—you build people and then people build the business. These are the stories of the people who built Wellstreet and our portfolio companies. Meet Johanna Nordgren.

Tell us about you, what's your background?

I’m a solution-oriented and outgoing person, with a passion for business development and sustainability. While I'm currently based in Gothenburg, I’m moving to Copenhagen after the summer for further studies. I thrive in adventurous and fast-paced settings, especially those that are international and foster creativity. My greatest strength is that I’m a self-motivated individual who is fully committed to everything I take on.

I come from a background in business administration and management. Currently, I'm in the
transition between my bachelor's and master's studies. I hold a bachelor's degree in business
administration (International Management) from Jönköping University. This upcoming fall, I will
begin a master's program at Copenhagen Business School, specialising in "Management of
Innovation and Business Development”. I also had the opportunity to undertake an exchange
semester at Bocconi University in Milan.

What roles have you had in past organisations?

Most recently I completed a 6-month bachelor's thesis project in collaboration with the
consultancy firm "Capgemini," investigating sustainable innovation within the European
automotive industry. I also served as the project manager for an organisation that acted as a
bridge between companies and students, overseeing the organisation of an annual career fair
attracting 3000+ visitors and hosting 70+ exhibiting companies. Previous to this, I worked 8+
years in the service and hospitality industry during my studies, encompassing roles ranging from
hotel receptionist to a service agent at H&M.

How did get into contact with Wellstreet?

Technically since June this year, but I have been in contact with the company throughout my bachelor studies as I was facilitating collaborations between Wellstreet and the career-association Nextstep at my university. My first introduction to the company was through one of the founding partners, and since then I was have been excited for any possibilities to learn and collaborate.

Was Wellstreet a good fit for you?

Wellstreet's mission of driving positive change and accelerating innovations for a better future
resonates deeply with my goals. As someone with a background in business and service roles, I
have developed strong communication skills and competence to collaborate on diverse projects
with international teams. I firmly believe that the capacity to connect within a global community
fosters the development of innovative ideas and strategic solutions.

Furthermore, Wellstreet's hands-on, entrepreneurial approach is an ideal match for my creative
and innovative mindset. The proactive and dynamic nature of Wellstreet aligns perfectly with my
aspirations to contribute actively to early-stage ventures. Being someone who thrives in social
and creative atmospheres, I found Wellstreet's dynamic and entrepreneurial environment to be
an excellent match for me.

What's unique about Wellstreet?

I believe Wellstreet's strength lies in its innovative and diverse approach, always pushing
beyond the conventional boundaries. The atmosphere is open and driven by a genuine curiosity
to learn. I observed minimal hierarchical patterns, with a culture of open discussions and a
shared drive for development. Notably, initiatives like hosting Google Launchpad events and
creative workshops underscore the continuous pursuit of improvement. In the context of the
ever-changing VC industry, Wellstreet's commitment to constant progress is a standout feature.

Whats your current role?

I joined Wellstreet as a summer intern this summer, and this fall I’m starting my master studies
at Copenhagen Business School.

Tell us about a challenge you have overcome

During my time as project manager for Nextstep, I was tasked with organising a huge career fair
with 3000+ visitors during the Covid-pandemic. The year leading up to the event what marked
by constant set-backs, shifting conditions, and economic challenges. Despite these hurdles, I
guided a team of 20 people through this journey, where we together organised a successful
physical fair and made the best financial result in years.

What attracts you to VC and what will make you leave?

I’m drawn to the ever-changing and dynamic nature, where you’re a part of groundbreaking
ideas and technologies that have the power to reshape entire industries and markets.
Additionally, I like the aspect of working with early stage ventures, playing a role in their the
growth and development. This engagement often involves tackling complex challenges,
requiring innovative problem solving-skills, which I find very invigorating. Overall, I see it as an
exciting environment to work in.

What are you passionate about?

I have a strong interest in sustainable business development and the role global managers play
in driving innovation within this area. I'm especially drawn to specialising in how companies can
utilise innovation and technology to craft circular solutions and integrate sustainability into their
business models. I also have a passion for understanding the factors that contribute to building
robust brands and ensuring their long-term viability.

What are you passionate about outside work?

I love anything related to food; either finding the best restaurants or cooking with friends.
Experiencing new places and cultures. Sailing and spending time at sea. I’m also into wellness
and personal health. Pilates, boxing and overall moving my body is something I feel very
passionate about.

Whats your most developed sense or skill?

I think I’m a very solution-oriented. I’ve always been interested in breaking things down,
understanding the bigger picture and developing things.

What is your next work/life endeavour?

Masters studies at CBS.

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