Wellstreet Journal - July Edition

Welcome to the July Journal! ⛱️
July 8, 2021
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Wellstreet Journal - July Edition

Welcome to the Wellstreet Journal, our monthly round-up in which we share Wellstreet’s key activities, portfolio updates, and all things tech, society and investments we’ve seen and want to share with you! Hopefully, you’ll find some great summer reads in here, for your lazy days on the beach! 🏖

What's Up?

🔔Find out more about X Shore now on Wellstreet’s website, one of the most innovative companies in the Nordics leading the electric revolution. Just yesterday, they released the news that they are building a factory in Nyköping, planning to create over 100 jobs in the Swedish city 🛥️

Picture: X Shore

🔔  Talking about X Shore, their CEO and Wellstreet’s chairwoman Jenny Keisu spoke to Dagens Industri last week and discussed her career so far, what drives her and what she's been working hard on the last few months. Check it out, it's inspiring!

Picture: X Shore

🔔 From The Factory: During the spring, Makerzone has hosted a project together with Kärrdalsskolan and Kodcentrum as a free extracurricular activity. The kids, with ages between 6-12, have had the opportunity to create digital stories, games, apps, programs and music in the programming tool Scratch. It was a very successful project and this will continue in the fall.

Picture: Makerzone

🔔 At Wellstreet we celebrate our companies who hire women, not just in all roles, but specifically in senior positions and in product and tech roles. This month, Skillbreak hired a new Head of UX, Susanna Vartanian, and Danads hired Emilija Frew as VP of Growth. Welcome to the Wellstreet Family!

Susanna Vartanian and Emilija Frew

Portfolio Update

👶 You can find out more about Hyber’s warehouse process with this short video giving us a tour of their facilities

💡 DanAds CMO, Listen Zenthraeus, shared insightful tips this month for a small business’ digital advertising - a must-read for any startup and scale-up 😉

🧐 Skillbreak launched a new website with an upgraded user interface. Have a browse and find something fun to do during your stay-cation:

📈 Kudos to Steven, who reached 100.000 users in June! 👏

🏋️ ICIW's international expansion is in full swing, and they have been very well received in the Netherlands 🚀

🧾 Our partner NordicStation launched a collaboration with one of our portfolio companies, Maintract. Read more about the product offering here.

🤝 Returnado’s new partner Fugeetex is a perfect complement to Returnado’s new Rescue platform experience

🔤 Textual has supported Gina Tricot to launch in the Dutch market 👗

Don’t miss!

⬥ The New Yorker published a great story on the origins of SPACs, explores their relationship with story-telling in the tech sector,  and makes predictions on what we can expect from this financial instrument in the future 💰

⬥ Be sure to watch this great talk on COVID 19 immunity, vaccines and the difference between transmission protection and disease protection and how that is likely to play out over time 😷

⬥ One of our mentors for the Wellstreet Launchpad Arnt Erikssen has just released a book sharing his methodology for creating effective marketing strategies. Another must-read! 🙌

Join and go #foreverforward!

Help our portfolio companies grow their fantastic teams and get in touch if you know anyone who could be a great fit for any of these roles.

Brink, our e-commerce powerhouse, has 3 positions open

X Shore is also actively recruiting for several roles

Habity Is looking for a frontend engineer      

We hope you have a re-invigorating summer full of sun! 😎

If you enjoyed this issue, please reach out to us at with your thoughts and comments and feel free to share with anyone who might enjoy it too.

We'll see you again in August!

Jess & the Wellstreet Team