Wellstreet Journal - June Edition

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June 14, 2021
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Wellstreet Journal - June Edition

Welcome to the Wellstreet Journal, our monthly round-up where we communicate Wellstreet’s key activities, news from our portfolio and all things tech and investments we think you should know about!

What's Up?

🔔We had another Wellstreet Launchpad last week dedicated to supporting our founders. The theme was Commercialization and Sales and we had the opportunity to hear some great insights and concrete tips from Emma Wallin, VP Sales EMEA at Marketer, about how to strengthen a company's sales pipeline, how to select best pricing models and how to recruit, manage and incentivise sales teams.

Our partners at Nordicstation shared their approach to sales which has made them a success for the last 20 years. And we ended the day with 2 very hands-on workshops from Google for Startups, training our companies to handle prospects' objections in the sales process, as well as the art of closing a deal and getting slower customers off the fence. 🤝

Our founders had to put themselves out there for this one, to really get the best out of the sessions. We are proud of them and thank them for taking part!

🔔  Brink Commerce announced its launch with customer C’est Normal who have historically really struggled to find a tech setup that fully supports their "Drops". But not this time:  “We didn’t really know how to react at first?! This is the first time we’ve ever done a drop without anything crashing” — Warner Nickersson, C’est Normal CEO.  🤯

🔔 The Swedish Dragon's Den will make a comeback at the TV broadcaster SVT and we re delighted to see Lena Apler join the cast of investors. We are proud to be colleagues and to work with her on the Wellstreet Fintech Board. She’s a fountain of knowledge always up to date with what the market is looking for, so she will be a great addition to the jury. 🐲

Portfolio Update

👶 Hyber launched their collaboration with KappAhl and first out is Newbie, soft baby clothes in more durable materials. Babies grow so fast, and the changing seasons don’t help to keep the volume of clothes down. Renting is the perfect answer for new parents to keep the cuties dressed in sustainable outfits especially doing the "fourth tremester" 🤰🏽

☁️ The new website for Aura Banking Cloud is live. Don't know the power of their product? Check it out  in this video (Swedish) and order a demo at to understand the full power of the platform

👔 Pensure published a piece explaining what are the benefits of offering pension to employees regardless of union demands (Swedish)

🛒 Touchize just started a collaboration with the American company Shift4 Payments to tailor their e-commerce platform Shift4Shop. You can read more about this here

🚀 Connect Sverige Region Syd chose Anatomic Studios as the most impressive capital raising of the year. Well done, Emelie and Christian!

🛍️ From expert to expert: Returnado had an insightful talk with our partner Christian Zanders about the state of e-commerce

Don’t miss!

⬥ “Fintech and banks are friends, not enemies” is what the financial sector should be saying. 🐟🦈 We already pointed to that when we disclosed our fourth wave of fintechs thesis, the foundation of our new Fintech Fund, the  Fintech Loft and Wellstreet's Fintech Board 🌊

⬥ Are you in shock as well? This is how much Swedish e-commerce increased in Q1 (in Swedish), only good news for our e-commerce b2b portfolio 🆙🤑

⬥ Almi has a new loan offer: Grönt lån. They plan to grant loans that will enable green conversion in small and medium-sized companies. The loan can be used for green investments that contribute to the EU's environmental goals 🌱 ♻️

⬥ Bringing diversity into all levels of a company is a subject that has been top of mind for the tech sector, because there’s a long way to go still to make more fair entry points and reasonable environments for different cultures to work together. our companies Returnado and DanAds explain their initiatives to tackle that in this article 🦸🧙🧚🧛🧜🧞

Join and go #foreverforward!

Help our portfolio companies grow their fantastic teams and get in touch if you know anyone who could be a great fit for any of these roles.

Skillbreak is looking for a content marketing specialist to be part of the team

Anatomic Studios is looking for a 3D-modeler / product developer to join their journey.

DanAds is still actively growing its team and now is looking for a Junior Solution Engineer and an Inside Sales Lead Generation Representative to join their amazing team.

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Jess & the Wellstreet Team