Wellstreet FUND

Ventures Fund II

We invest in business ideas leveraging technologies and processes to deliver state-of-the-art-customer experience. Together with ambitious entrepreneurs, we take calculated risks to build data-driven companies that generate revenue fast and can reach cashflow positivity in their first market. We focus on viable business models, where the financial resilience of the business plan and the robustness of the go-to-market strategy are key.

That’s why we can be sector agnostic and invest both in b2b and b2c. But we do shy away from immature industries and aim to be early in the “adoption curve”, but not “ahead of the curve”

We seek entrepreneurs who understand their strengths and weaknesses. They look for pro-active investors and humbly invite friction in order to build faster and better. Those are the entrepreneurs who stand to make the most of our ultra hands-on approach and purpose-built platform for company building.

Our companies must be sustainable at their core. ESG principles must be present in their DNA, with founders aiming to build businesses for the long term, making a positive contribution environmentally, socially, financially and ethically to the communities they serve.

Fund Manager:
Jessica Rameau
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Fund status.


With Ventures I already trending above expectation in its third year, and now in Vintage phase, we are now launching our third Fund, Ventures II to double down on our investment thesis and continue to leverage our unique platform for company building. The quality of our dealflow and the willingness of our network to support our mission is stronger than ever. 

Wellstreet Ventures II invests based on a number of basic premises;
Customer experience - offering own customer experience or helping to improve others'.
Data driven models the business shall be built on and able to be optimised by data
ESG 2.0 a proactive approach and dedication to have positive impact on ESG factors.
Early stage but not ahead of the curve, we are early stage investors, but we won't invest unless we believe the startup successfully can "cross the chasm" and achieve mainstream adoption.

Ventures II Fund invests with a healthy mix of D2C, B2B, SaaS and product startups.