Launched 2013, DanAds is an adtech company that provides publishers a fully automatic self-service ad desk. The platform allows the advertisers to book, pay and follow campaigns in both digital and print, open 24h. The platform is a white label solution fronting the publishers’ brand. DanAds has as customers important players such as Bloomberg, Hearst, Dish Media, Truecaller, Philips, Klarna, Hulu, TripAdvisor and Spotify. *Part of seed assets transfered from Wellstreet Partners in connection with first close of Ventures I
Business Model
B2B SaaS
Stockholm, Sweden
Ventures Fund I
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DanAds is on a mission to democratize the online advertising market by helping publishers to offer advertisers of all sizes a transparent alternative to the platforms provided by Big Tech. DanAds’ intuitive and automated cloud-based technology enables publishers to receive a greater share of digital advertising revenue by providing a direct line between publishers and advertisers. This has also helped drive down the costs of digital advertising, thereby opening it up to more small and medium-sized businesses: proving particularly important during the pandemic in ensuring businesses can continue to reach relevant target audiences.

Marketing departments are now completely dependent on technology to increase the measurability and automation of their marketing and digital advertising. Today, a significant marketing budget is now spent online, 56% in 2022. This investment is a great match because Wellstreet has extensive experience in e-commerce and understanding of the challenges facing publishers around automation and monetization. Wellstreet’s focus on creating customer experiences leveraging the newest technologies makes this a perfect fit for Wellstreet.

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