DanAds Wins the Product of the Year award at the NAB show

We were thrilled to hear that our portfolio company DanAds won the Product of the Year award at the 2023 NAB show. We talked to CEO Istvan Beres to learn more about the award, the advertising industry and DanAds’ plans for the future.
May 17, 2023
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DanAds Wins the Product of the Year award at the NAB show

DanAds recently won the Product of the Year award at the 2023 NAB show - the most prestigious event in its industry, and we are very proud. It confirms that the company indeed provides self-serve and advertising automation solutions on a much higher level than most other players. Who better to talk to us about DanAds and the importance of this accomplishment than DanAds co-founder and CEO, Istvan Beres?

Istvan has been leading DanAds since its inception, driving innovation and excellence in the advertising industry. Today we join him in discussing DanAds' award-winning platforms and the new popular Audio Ad feature. 

If you’re new to the advertising and marketing automation market, you can also learn more about it now. Istvan walks us through the challenges that disruptors such as DanAds face and explains how DanAds solves problems that advertisers struggle with. 

Let’s dive in! 

Wellstreet: Congratulations on winning the Best Product of the Year award at the 2023 NAB awards. Can you tell us what it means to you?

Istvan Beres: Thank you! Winning this award is not only a significant achievement for us, but it's also a testament to our team's hard work and dedication. Our innovative technology has been praised for its ease of use, flexibility, and scalability, and we are thrilled about this recognition; especially as the show celebrates its 100th anniversary and DanAds celebrates ten years in business.

Wellstreet: Wow, what an honor to be awarded on such a special anniversary for the show and DanAds! Can you please tell our readers more about DanAds and how you’re an industry leader?

Istvan Beres: Sure! DanAds is a leading provider of self-serve and advertising automation technologies that offer innovative solutions for publishers seeking to simplify and streamline their advertising operations. Our platforms’ advanced advertising automation features have been recognized for excellence in the industry, and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the advertising industry.

Because self-serve is a new way of selling ads, we are challenging the status quo and leading the charge to bring back power to global brands and publishers. DanAds offers publishers complete control over their advertising operations with an easy-to-use interface where they can create, manage and optimize their ad campaigns. At DanAds, we challenge our clients to think past the traditional way of advertising and at the same time, our clients challenge us - they push us to create new features and tools that expand the limits of our technology. 

Wellstreet: From where we stand, we can see that the platforms are a real performance enhancer. What is your favorite feature in your self-serve and advertising automation solutions?

Istvan Beres: It's hard to choose just one, but if I had to pick, I would say our Audio Ad feature, which is a product that simplifies the process of creating high-quality audio ads without relying on traditional production methods. This product utilizes text-to-speech AI to convert written ad copy into realistic-sounding audio, eliminating the need for studios, editors, voice actors, or recording equipment. As a result, the process of creating high-quality audio ads is much more cost-effective and efficient.

Audio Ad Feature

Wellstreet: Well, AI is for sure a topic that's top-of-mind for most industries nowadays, but what matters is how we can leverage it to our benefit while mitigating any risks, isn’t it?  

Istvan Beres: Yes, exactly. One of our core values at DanAds is transparency, and with industry-wide increasing implementations of AI, we want to empower clients to utilize it to their advantage, without sacrificing quality or creativity. Changing technology can sometimes be daunting, but at DanAds we embrace these changes and we are challenging the community to do the same.

Wellstreet: That’s great to hear! Speaking of change, can you tell our readers a little more about the early days? What was it like bringing this brand new idea and product into the industry just ten years ago to now being named among the best of the best? 

Istvan Beres

Istvan Beres: It has been quite the adventure. In the early days of DanAds, and even sometimes now, we’re constantly asking clients to think differently about processes they have been using for years. You know the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Well, that’s what we were up against. Fear and overall discomfort in trying something new. But, we knew we had something special.

Don’t get me wrong, it did not happen overnight. We spent a lot of time trying to convince prospective clients that they weren't ultimately future-forward in their approach. However, I believe the key to making it in innovative business practices is to find those clients who are bold enough to be the first. It’s easy to stay in our comfort zones and wait for someone else to take that first leap of faith, but we were never interested in playing it safe. DanAds was, and continues to be, creating a new playbook in the industry, and luckily for us some of our first adopters were Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Mail Metro Media - innovative names in publishing.

After other publishers saw that true industry leaders were serious about our new self-serve process, everything changed. From apprehension to applause, viewpoints changed and other prospects began to see self-serve differently; what stayed the same was our commitment to disrupting the industry.

Wellstreet: I think a lot of entrepreneurs and innovators can relate to that experience of staying true to their mission while working to make others see and understand the vision.  In ten years, you have had a lot of success. Congrats! Tell us, What’s next for DanAds? 

Istvan Beres: Thank you! We have a very exciting rest of the year planned with events, client and partner meetings, and of course celebrating our 10-year journey so far, an important anniversary. In just a little over a month, DanAds will actually be heading to Cannes Lions Festival and we cannot wait! Not only will our team be part of the festival itself, but we will also be hosting events that people do not want to miss at our own villa. 

Additionally, our plans for DanAds include continuing to innovate and build for the future. We are always looking for ways to improve our platforms features and functionality to provide our clients with even better advertising solutions. We aim to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the advertising industry and help our clients achieve their advertising goals. 

We also know that Wellstreet has the same determination to push for innovation, particularly those driven by market needs and gaps. That’s why we feel so aligned with Wellstreet and are glad to be a part of the portfolio. The NAB Product of the Year award is just the cherry on top of all the hard work and it has been invaluable to have Wellstreet supporting us in different ways for a long time now. We’re so glad to be celebrating our tenth anniversary throughout the year with our partners, clients and everyone else involved in our success!

Wellstreet: Thank you so much, Istvan. We’re proud to be by your side and glad to celebrate DanAds’ milestones together! 

Happy anniversary!

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