How Wellstreet and Sollentuna are a Match to Spark the Future

(and a balanced duo in tune with tomorrow)

The Wellstreet Team is committed to passionately promoting and enthusiastically exploring big ideas in entrepreneurial investment. Their progressive approach has been a critical element in the foundation of their success story today, as well as every success on their horizon. But a closer look reveals that another concrete block of their foundation is their blossoming partnership within Stockholm’s Sollentuna business district, and the direct, rock solid support they’ve received from the equally progressive leaders of that municipality. With The Factory now up and running, this mutually beneficial partnership is certainly one of its most scalable investment fortifications. The Wellstreet Team believes that this close, mutually supportive business relationship with local government will allow their Factory groundwork to rise into the visionary tech center/investment incubator that will greatly benefit Stockholm’s evident expansion into a robust economic future for the next entrepreneurial generation.
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Another of the critical links to Wellstreet’s expansive vision is their commitment to nurturing their local roots via active knowledge sharing and education. And this is exactly where their Sollentuna connection comes in big.  As Co-Founder Mikael Wintzell expressed-

“The Factory will offer an emerging, elite infrastructure/work environment within the municipality that also embraces the Sollentuna community’s needs. This along with fostering a positive, thriving relationship with its leaders—who understood early that the local business community would benefit immensely from a flagship hub—as well as providing much needed affordable accessibility in workspace, healthcare and education. With The Factory in Sollentuna as our base, all of our Team, tenants and partners can conveniently access a platform that provides true work-life balance.”

Thinking global and acting local has been one of Wellstreet’s primary objectives with their Factory plans, and in conjunction with the cooperative efforts of the local government, The Factory flagship has gotten off to a smooth launch while setting a confident course for their bright horizons. The Sollentuna business community certainly hopes to provide additional wind for Wellstreet’s already full sails.

Henrik Thunes, Sollentuna’s Chairman of the Municipal Council, is clearly expecting Wellstreet’s rising tide to lift all district boats.

“We believe the Factory will help put Sollentuna on the innovation world map. In addition to its convenient connection to the inner city, Sollentuna has the geographic advantage of its proximity to neighboring Kista, often referred to as Sweden's "Silicon Valley". Multiple international IT companies have already established their Swedish operations there, and we clearly see robust and ready synergies in creating this reliably accessible bridge between Kista and Sollentuna.”
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Of course building bridges towards the future is a major part of the Wellstreet ethos, but tending to their local roots remains another vital aspect of their vision for a sustainable, thriving techhub ecosystem that will allow Sollentuna to thrive along with it.

The New Generation Moves Forward with Makerspace

In mid 2018 when Mikael first contacted the heads of Sollentuna’s business elite, the Wellstreet proposal initially regarded fairly standard, straightforward regulatory issues to ensure that The Factory building and its surrounding infrastructure had a sustainable system which could be developed into the healthy engine of innovation the Wellstreet Team envisioned. As The Factory plans quickly came together in the Summer/Fall of ‘18—with energetic local assistance—it became clear that not only was there room for expansive innovation, there was also ample space for Wellstreet to create an educational launching pad that could ignite and inspire Sollentuna’s next entrepreneurial generation!
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Moving forward into 2019, Makerspace is ready to fire up Sollentuna’s future.

Conceived as a creative, educational platform for local students and budding entrepreneurs to explore new areas, create fresh ideas and rigorously challenge themselves through laboratory condition exercises focused entirely on the dynamics of digital development, creative tech innovation, entrepreneurial exploration, and real-world problem solving, Makerspace will be a unique addition to the community.

Within The Factory, Makerspace will become a fully-staffed, all-inclusive environment offering an exciting educational experience in both physical and digital innovation, as well as providing experience with project management in intelligently dealing with the future tech challenges which will undoubtedly impact their global community in the years to come.  

Their immediate focus will be on Three Key Educational Priorities-

  • Digital Competence for All Students - The first priority is that all students should develop comprehensive digital skills, which may in turn lead to a digital equivalence in the Swedish school system.
  • Equivalent Access and Use for All - All students and staff should have convenient and equal access to digital tools and resources in order to upgrade the overall level of their digital education.
  • Research and Follow-up on Comprehensive Digital Competence - Both active research and follow-up which support the development of these efforts should be carried out with the sole aim of contributing to increased goal fulfillment in digital education, and developing comprehensive digital competence.

Wellstreet believes that entrepreneurial innovation and education can march hand-in-hand towards the future and they are not alone. As Fredrik Lind, Sollentuna’s Business Development Director stated recently-  

“Placing the educational resource of Makerspace at The Factory creates an invaluable opportunity for all our schools to fully engage in what Wellstreet has to offer to both our business and technology communities. In addition to its inspirational value to our young students who have our future in their hands, another immediate business objective is to attract both new and existing companies to Sollentuna with the added, enormous value of realistically improving their own digital skills and awareness.”
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Nothing spells real commitment to the future quite like education, and Makerspace is primed to offer Stockholm’s motivated youth a world-class education. Wellstreet and The Factory are online and Sollentuna is in line with the type of meaningful partnership that rewards that commitment with their own. And among the winners will clearly be the red-hot entrepreneurs that are already lining up for the ride.  

All aboard!