Wellstreet welcomes Niclas Lehmann as CFO

Niclas Lehmann has many years of experience in the tech and investment sector, most recently from the role at PwC where he has worked for over seven years. Beyond the financial industry, Niclas also has a successful career as a professional hockey player behind him.
June 8, 2023
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Wellstreet welcomes Niclas Lehmann as CFO

We have recently added one more name to our Team page, Niclas Lehmann. Niclas will strengthen Wellstreet management as our new CFO and we are delighted to have him join us. With a vast knowledge of the financial nuances of a company such as Wellstreet, Niclas will work closely with our former CFO, Henric Enhörning, and our investment team to further strengthen the growth within the company and our portfolio companies. 

Henric Enhörning, partner and former CFO, will work closely with Niclas, in a new role focusing on fund management and governance. In addition, he takes a seat on Wellstreet's board.

"Despite the challenges in the current global situation and financially tough times, we choose to continue investing forward, and strengthen our presence and support for our portfolio companies. Welcoming Niclas to our team is a perfect match since he has the right background and personality," says Evelina Anttila, Managing Partner at Wellstreet.

Niclas shared with us a little about his career path and personal experiences. You can learn more about him here.

Please tell us a little about your career path and your background.
I grew up south of Stockholm, and from a very young age, my life was centered around hockey. After attending AIK’s hockey high school program, I continued to play at a somewhat professional level while getting my master’s degree from Stockholm Business School. After joining PwC in 2015 as an auditor, I continued playing hockey and, in 2021, I became the first person in Sweden to become an Authorised Public Accountant while still being an active athlete in a professional sports league, according to Auditors Supervisory Authority (Revisorsinspektionen). 

Picture: Per Eliasson

Capital management rather than insurance or banking the three main categories of companies my department at PwC worked with. I realised quite early in my auditing career that, out of those three groups, capital management was the one I enjoyed working with the most. Moreover, within capital management, I found that startups, Private Equity and especially Venture Capital were the things that excited me, which made me start to actively pursue these kinds of clients and assignments within the firm. Why do I enjoy working with this? Well, I think it's because there is always a LOT of action and things going on, the stakes are high, and quite often, there is no middle ground – a venture is either a major success story or goes bankrupt. As a result, it feels very agile and “alive”. 

How did you come into contact with Wellstreet? Why did you decide to join the company? 
Wellstreet was one of these clients I got to work with and one of which I enjoyed working with the most. As the team manager for PwC’s audit team handling the audit of Wellstreet and its funds, I saw a company with an enticing business model, investing very early and working super hands-on with the portfolio companies. So when I felt it was time for a new challenge and got the question if I was interested, it was an easy choice for me to join the Wellstreet team. 

What do you expect from your position at Wellstreet?
I expect a great mix of tasks, including owning much of our own Wellstreet finance and accounting, as well as working closely with the fund managers and portfolio companies with any related financial topic. I plan to contribute with my knowledge and put my experience from working with many companies as an auditor to good use. On the other hand, I am eager to gain much from interacting with our very competent team and exchanging knowledge and insights. 

Can you share anything about your personal life? What are you passionate about outside work?
I have a somewhat broad spectrum of interests that also tend to shift quite dramatically over time! At the moment, I’m trying to read a lot in general. I've been experimenting with some light biohacking and health-techy stuff and, of course, learning more about the VC space. Other than that, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, traveling and trying to cook and eat good food as often as possible. 

With Niclas, we feel that we are well positioned to continue our successful growth journey in the Nordic venture capital tech sector. The Wellstreet team looks forward to working with him to build sustainable and profitable tech companies together.

Welcome, Niclas!