Mikael Magnusson joins Wellstreet as Head of Investor Relations

In the new role, Mikael will strengthen Wellstreet’s position in the investor market
November 29, 2022
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Mikael Magnusson joins Wellstreet as Head of Investor Relations

Wellstreet has recently added a few names to the Team page and we are all excited about the new faces joining us. One of the new positions created was the Head of Investor Relations, a job now in Mikael Magnusson's hands. His vast network puts him in a strong position to lead our presence among the investor community.

Mikael opened up and told us about his career path and personal experiences. You can learn more about him here.

Please tell us a little about your career path and your background.

For the last 15 years, I have worked as CEO, mainly in the Danfo group, which manufactures public toilet solutions for city centers and rural areas, including a strong focus on operation and maintenance. Danfo had 230 employees with DB in Norway, Denmark, the UK and the UAE and was a world leader in sales. 

I also devote my time to several board assignments, such as Chairman of the board of Danske Bank Örebro and Homemaker AB, board member of Danske Bank Karlstad, Indus AB and Skandiamäklarna Örebro. Apart from those, I have several assignments connected to my family’s horse and competition activities, as my daughter is an active competitive rider.

Why did you decide to join Wellstreet? 

I had gotten to know the CEO, Mikael Wintzell, and had worked in one of Wellstreet's portfolio companies with consulting and management issues. I was following Wellstreet and watching from the side. I've always been impressed by the team and expertise they bring to the table for founders.

At a dinner in 2021, he invited me to join Wellstreet and I gladly accepted. We agreed to look at where my experience and skills would be useful. In the Wellstreets environment my knowledge and network will be of great value. I get to do what I like beside other people with the same mindset, looking to build positive disruption with a very talented team and a solid structure.

What do you expect from your position at Wellstreet?

I see my role as a bridge between the investor community and the Wellstreet team and I’ll focus greatly on information sharing and relationship building. I will also run activities and create forums for the investors in our funds to interact with each other. I have extensive experience bringing together investors, customers, partners and other stakeholders to develop relationships, networks and communities.

I’ll also share the responsibility for increasing Wellstreet’s footprint. In addition to creating a good return, in my opinion, Wellstreet is on a journey to develop additional value and activities, and I’m joining my colleagues to develop these opportunities further. We are all about growth, disruption and community. I also believe that you have to have fun and have a little different approach to succeed in creating value for all of us.

Can you share anything about your personal life?

I was born in Uddevalla on the Swedish west coast, but I have been living on a horse farm in Nora (Bergslagen) since 2001 with my partner Eva and our children, 16-year-old Ebba and 18-year-old Melker. My other interests are coastal life, travel and sports in all forms. 

Welcome, Mikael!