The Secret Sauce of the Wellstreet Hustle Crew

The fuel that feeds the Wellstreet hustle engine? Dynamic entrepreneurial ideas that cannot and will not be contained by the boundaries of status quo templates.
September 13, 2019
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The Secret Sauce of the Wellstreet Hustle Crew
(there are no breakthroughs without forward momentum)

Stockholm is currently nourishing an entrepreneurial spark that’s directed towards building an inviting, sustainable and reliable power source. Built around trust in new ideas, fresh directions, savvy investment and entrepreneurial risk taking, the Wellstreet dynamo has positioned itself as a welcoming keeper of the flames, in search of forward-thinking leaders ready, willing and able to bring their own heat to the party. And as basic science teaches us all, every fire needs a constant fuel supply to keep it burning.

The fuel that feeds the Wellstreet hustle engine? Dynamic entrepreneurial ideas that cannot and will not be contained by the boundaries of status quo templates.

This is one absolutely essential spark that the Wellstreet Crew believes fans the flames of real innovation, genuine breakthroughs, and then actual success. No idea—no matter how good it may look on the drawing board—can survive in an airless, untested vacuum or in a strictly sanitized, sterilized lab sealed off from real-world realities. And every idea must be aggressively “pushed forward” into the sometimes harsh lights and always rough conditions of the real-world marketplace, where it can face the true test of its own market merits and resilience.  

To that end-

Here are Wellstreet’s Top 5 Ingredients to their Secret Sauce Hustle-

  1. Just F******G Do It- Pardon their French but the Wellstreet Crew firmly believes in the urgent simplicity of this Zen business mantra/model. They also trust that every eager entrepreneur around the globe can easily understand the depth of its solemn wisdom. Breakthrough success cannot be achieved through inaction, it cannot be achieved in a vacuum, and it cannot be achieved by staring at your mobile, waiting for an answer/reply. It requires boots on the ground, hands on the bull’s horns, mobilization of thoughts into action, and sometimes even taking off without a flight plan, or even a predetermined destination.  It also involves the taboo concept of every old school investment firm- RISK!
  2. Don’t Overthink It- A very necessary corollary to their initial call to action. Yes, intelligent examination is preferred, careful planning is positive, and thoughtful strategizing can be a helpful long-term outline. But there is a moment in every entrepreneurial/investment early stage where the very best course of action is to push that bird out of the security of the nest to see if it’s going to fly, or fall. Endlessly weighing and then reconfiguring your options in fear of failure inevitably leads to paralysis, which will absolutely lead to either a complete failure to launch, or a suicidal deadweight plummet to your crash landing.
  3. Inertia is The Enemy- Especially when applied to any true entrepreneurial idea, inertia is the crippling trap that too many startups fall into, never to escape, and never to actually move forward!   Of course every startup must figure out how to get from Point A to Point B, and then beyond, but no startup can successfully make these difficult but absolutely necessary steps without actually moving ahead and then keep running for the next target. The very good news from the Wellstreet experience; you will find your successful path forward—often in very unexpected avenues—if you just put one foot in front of the other.    And then repeat. And then repeat again!
  4. Average Action Beats Excellent Thinking, Every Time- This somewhat counter-intuitive idea simply defines the Wellstreet philosophy that the average entrepreneur running hard straight towards their breakthrough barrier with positive forward momentum is, undoubtedly, the better investment risk than the genius level thinker stuck in the mud just waiting for a push, or sitting on their launch pad waiting for a countdown signal that will never come. In the world of Wellstreet, action and hustle is always the gamble that’s worth taking. You don’t have to be the best player to win the game, but you absolutely have to get in the game first before you can win!
  5. You are a Lone Star in a Galaxy Filled with Suns- In the Wellstreet system, there is no pyramid and no isolated, top-down hierarchy hermetically sealed off from the sometimes dangerous but always dynamic energy of new ideas. Yes, you—and your ideas—are alone, but you are in a diverse ecosystem rich with the nurturing nourishment your plan requires to flourish. Inside the Wellstreet “solar system” structure, you will find the specific gravity that your idea needs to grow, and you will slot yourself into the proper, specific “Goldilocks” orbit that best suits the fuel and fire you’ll need to succeed.  Not every investment idea requires massive amounts of oversight or wasteful amounts of investment. Some run lean, some run rich, some run best on a short chain, and some run best completely unchained.  Wellstreet’s focus is on the bright horizon, not on taking care of a comfortable chain of command.  

To the Wellstreet wolves, “hustling” forward with meaningful action and focused direction is the determining factor for any future startup success. Let’s consider the example of Lego blocks, still among the Nordic’s most famous global exports. A toy building set that any child can successfully manage, Legos are the perfect example of pure construction simplicity that allows for an almost infinite amount of creativity and innovative engineering. The start from anywhere, go anywhere you want model that continues to fascinate with its near endless possibilities.
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But, as we all know, the pieces don’t, won’t, and will never snap themselves together!