Wellstreet to Open Collaborative Office Space in Gothenburg

The new facility Wellstreet & Friends brings startups and tech companies in Sweden’s second city a much-needed arena for innovation and interaction across the ecosystem
December 14, 2021
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Wellstreet to Open Collaborative Office Space in Gothenburg

In 2019, Wellstreet launched Scandinavia's largest tech and innovation hub in Stockholm named The Factory, whose innovation ecosystem includes Wellstreet Launchpad in partnership with Google for Startups and the Fintech Loft in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Sweden's second largest city, Gothenburg is among the most prominent startup hubs in the Nordics and home to Chalmers University of Technology, which is ranked among the world’s top institutions for higher education in engineering. Despite being a growth engine for the technology industry in the area, the city’s emerging businesses receive a very small proportion of total venture capital investments in the country.  

The opening of the new facility, dubbed Wellstreet and Friends, will serve to bring the attention of investors and other ecosystem participants to the city’s opportunities. Once completed, the space will occupy a full 500m² floor of a charming and elegant building in the heart of the city. Intended to foster innovation through collaboration, the space will include offices and lounge spaces where Wellstreet’s portfolio companies and broader network can come together for meetings, networking, collaboration and socializing. 

“Wellstreet’s portfolio already includes a number of prominent businesses such Brink Commerce, Future of Retail, Zalster and Textual that are headquartered in the city, yet there has never been a natural meeting place for the innovation ecosystem to come together, interact and evolve,” said Christian Zanders, a partner at Wellstreet. “Gothenburg has always been the source of great ideas, talents and technologies. It’s now time for Wellstreet to establish a foundation in its center to bring to the city and its innovators the attention they deserve.”

In the last week alone, several tech giants have announced major investments in Gothenburg, including Klarna, which is opening a product development hub in the city, as well as a battery R&D center by Volvo Cars and Northvolt.

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