Wellstreet Launchpad for Shift collaboration

As part of Wellstreet’s partnership with Shift, Wellstreet is inviting some companies to take part in a tailor-made Google for Startups program on the 14th and 15th of September. The diverse founders and entrepreneurs have been invited to participate in two intense days of hands-on training and mentoring taking best practices from Google for Startups and Wellstreet. Ten companies have been selected to join this exclusive opportunity, normally reserved for our portfolio companies.

About Shift: Shift's mission is to democratize capital by shifting the flow of investment from closed homogeneous groups and traditional networks to entrepreneurs who are not normally reached by venture capital, such as women, minorities and people living outside the metropolitan areas. Read more on the website.

What is Wellstreet Launchpad

Wellstreet in partnership with Google for Startups has designed a program to train the entrepreneurs of the future, to support them in building scalable and sustainable companies, for the long term, by offering state-of-the-art educational resources, mentoring from Google Experts and Wellstreet’s network and themed sessions.


Day 1:

Marketing and Growth
• Introduction to digital marketing. Facilitator Omar Nawaz
• Getting started with Google Ads: Google Training. Facilitator Mitchel Wubben
• Google Analytics 4: Google Training. Facilitator Nick Comber
1-on-1 Mentoring: 2 sessions
Inspirational talk

Day 2:

Founders Lab - Google Training. Facilitator Kate Gray
• What makes an effective founder
• Invite disagreement / Hold Consistent Expectations of Co-Founders
1-on-1 Mentoring: 2 sessions
Inspirational talk

Mentoring topics:

• Investment
• Business model / Pricing / Financials
• Marketing and growth
• B2B partnerships and sales
• Tech & Product strategy/roadmap
• Leadership / Culture / Founder relations
• Team building / Hiring / Incentives
• Legal

Facilitators, Mentors and Speakers confirmed:

Selected companies

Ovulai, Self Made Academy, Flipnbid, Joina, Zeeds, Ella, Chewfolk, YMR, Y/Elm+, Enable Banking