Google for Startups

Wellstreet has, in partnership with Google, designed a program to train the entrepreneurs of the future, support them in building scalable and sustainable companies, for the long term, by offering state of the art educational resources, mentoring from Google Experts and Wellstreet’s network, themed sessions, like UX/UI Design, Product Management, Growth & Marketing and much more.

Wellstreet Launchpad for Shift collaboration

We invited some companies to take part in a tailor-made Google for Startups as part of our partnership with Shift. The diverse founders were invited to participate in two intense days of hands-on training and mentoring. Ten companies were selected to join this exclusive opportunity, normally reserved for our portfolio companies.

Wellstreet Launchpad - Gothenburg edition

On the 7th, 8th, and 9th of June, we'll hold this exclusive startup training curated in partnership with Google for Startups

Wellstreet Launchpad event: Leadership & Team Building

Want to know how our Launchpad events in partnership with Google for Startups work? Take a look at the last one!

Looking back on our Wellstreet Launchpad Kick-off Days!

The Kick-off of the Wellstreet Launchpad, our support Programs in partnership with Google Developers Launchpad that we offer to portfolio companies, took place on the 8th and 9th of January 2020. It was a couple of very intense days of solid knowledge sharing and skills development for our founders. We had a FoundersLab Day and a Diagnostics Day.

A day in the Life of a Google Launchpad Mentor

Last week I headed to Málaga in Southern Spain to take part in one of Google for Startups’ Launchpads. The launchpad was a 5 day programme, for startups in the field of Cybersecurity. 8 selected European startups took part, from pre-launch stage to raising a series A. I showed up for day 5, which is always focused on business & growth, so fundraising tends to be a popular topic.