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Wellstreet isn't your average investment company. We support every entrepreneur with the necessary resources to thrive. We identify opportunities that lead to success and have the highest survival rate in the industry. Our focus on proactive ESG ensures we're always working towards building a better future. We are a VC firm with a proven track record, dedication to our partners, and commitment to sustainability. We are entrepreneurs in heart and VCs in mind. Here we share our content for entrepreneurs and founders in the Nordic startup community.

Five VC and startup predictions for 2024

2023 has been a tough, but perhaps to some extent needed, year for our industry, with the fundraising and exit climate slowing down from previous years. What does the future hold for the VC and Startup landscape in 2024? Our Jessica Rameau and Evelina Anttila share their predictions as we anticipate potential shifts that will shape the path forward.

Pitch deck best practice - pitch like a pro 2024!

To create a professional pitch deck, you'll need to distill your business down to its essence and include key information such as your company's history, mission, team members, financials, and more.‍ The 15 slides you need in your pitch to raise money in 2024.

Wellstreet Investment Teams Pitch Advice to Founders

We are always looking for ways to give back to the startup community and to all the amazing founders we meet. More than often we take our time to feedback, have follow up meetings and share our network with the companies we do not end up investing in. This is to all you out there looking to raise in 2023.

Raising Investment - Lessons Learnt From Wellstreet’s Alumni Companies

When setting your fundraising goals, the cash is just the tip of the iceberg. So how to choose the right investor for you?

What’s in Store for Brands in 2021?

We are excited to see our portfolio companies enabling the future of retail for brands in 4 key trends emerging stronger than ever after the 2020 push for online retail.

Jessica Rameau answers your questions about Wellstreet Ventures

Here's an excerpt from the interview Jessica Rameau gave to the blog Unicorn Nest, written by Roman Bdaitsiiev and focused on what Wellstreet offers.

Survival Survey outcomes - how are startups dealing with Covid-19

Startup Sweden's Survival Survey had the goal of screening the current status of the covid-19 crisis in order to better assist Swedish startups. The result came out this week, with an impressive number of 667 that participated in the research.