Today, we are at the brink of the fourth wave in the fintech industry. While many of the fintech companies present themselves as more attainable solutions to the legacy institutions in the field, by promising a customer first and more affordable product, the new wave in the Fintech, however, means changing the infrastructure and helping all the actors adjust and move forward.

Wellstreet with the investments made through the Fintech FUND I aims to facilitate the collaboration, create a better future by filling the gap, and bring about efficiency to the entire system, thereby creating the fintech of tomorrow, the fintech of now.

Jula Holding Invests in the Future of the Fintech Sector

Wellstreet Fintech Fund I discloses backing from the retail chain owners

Welcome Ola Laurin - The Newest Member of Wellstreet Fintech Board

The PayEx CEO offers his experience of working with corporate institutions and investment banking

A New Fintech Investment Vehicle

Wellstreet Launches $40 Million Fund to Invest in Early-stage Fintech Innovators. The enablers building the next generation fintechs.

Fintech Loft Startup Challenge 2021

A competition where you can pitch your fintech startup to the Wellstreet Fintech Board, in collaboration with AWS

Meet Erika Eliasson – Chairwoman of Wellstreet Fintech Board

We welcome Erika Eliasson as the Chairwoman of the Wellstreet Fintech board and together we look forward to bringing more efficiency to the industry.

The Emerging Fourth Wave in Fintech: Wellstreet Opens the Floor for Collaboration

We're excited to be a frontrunner of the fourth wave in the fintech industry, by collaborating and forming the Fintech Loft Advisory Board.

Apply for Wellstreet Fintech Loft with AWS

The Wellstreet Fintech Loft is a new investment program in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) targeting entrepreneurs and early stage startups within financial technology (fintech), regulatory technology (regtech), insurance technology (insurtech) as well as businesses with enhanced usage of blockchain and AI.

Wellstreet launches a new Fintech program in Stockholm

New strategic collaboration of Wellstreet with Amazon Web Services to support the growth of financial services startups in the Nordics.