To provide you with context and support to navigate the fast evolving ESG legal and societal landscapes, we invite you to read  the content we have shared and will share below. Here we’ll provide practical guidance and materials to help startups and small businesses navigate how to start to execute on their ESG agenda. Read more about our  Wellstreet ESG Framework and Approach.

Our focus on proactive ESG ensures we're always working towards building a better future. We are a VC firm with a proven track record, dedication to our partners, and commitment to sustainability.

How to write a good and relevant DEI policy

In this short guide we developed for our portfolio, we share some starting points and hope to inspire you as you embark on your journey towards building sustainable companies.

Establishing an ESG Board

To ensure oversight, progress and support towards our ESG objectives, we have established an ESG Board as part of Wellstreet’s governing structure. Take a look at the process and how the first Board meeting transpired.

How to perform a sustainability risk assessment

If, like many startup companies, you are new to ESG, a great place to start is with an ESG Risk assessment.

Running an ESG training workshop for portfolio companies

Here is how we executed on a full day training on ESG for our portfolios. Integrating ESG into the DNA of our portfolio has been a very natural progression for us in building profitable and sustainable companies, alongside our other foundational work.

ESG 1.0 is dead. Welcome to ESG 2.0

ESG, despite its flaws, offers the best chance we have to ensure businesses have a “license to operate” in the future. Dismissing it as too difficult, irrelevant or distracting is the biggest mistake the business community could make within the coming decade.

OP-ed from Dagens Industri: ESG is dead. Long live ESG!

ESG has become increasingly scolded. But at the same time, it is a matter of survival for companies. We have a big responsibility as investors, and now is the time.

The Importance of Female Representation in Higher Positions

On International Women’s Day, let’s take a look at the progress made regarding inclusivity and diversity in higher positions in Nordic companies in the past decade or so.

Wellstreet Women are Closing the Tech Gap

In even the most progressive of business cultures, in the most progressive countries, women everywhere continue to face a range of strictly gender-based challenges upon entering traditionally male-dominated workspaces. Perhaps nowhere is this imbalance more evident than in the tech sector. As active investors in the future of tech, we realized we had a responsibility to find a way to break the self-defeating cycle that shuts far too many fertile female minds out of the tech loop.